OpusX: The Lost City

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OpusX: The Lost City


In 2004, Andy Garcia began filming The Lost City and wanted to shoot one of the most memerable scenes of his movie at Chateau de la Fuente in July. Unfortunately, there was no tobacco plants growning at Chateau de la Fuente during that time because the tobacco plants are usually harvested in March.

In order to help Andy Garcia, Carlito Fuente planted tobacco at Chateau de la Fuente during summer time so that Andy could film The Lost City.

After the movie was shot at Chateau de la Fuente, the tobacco plants were harvested and have been aged. Carlito Fuente has created very special cigars from these 5-year old tobaccos: Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City. All cigars made with the tobaccos planted for The Lost City come with the black bands.

In addition, Carlito Fuente is releasing two rare, aged FFOX cigars in a tribute to Andy Garcia and The Lost City: Fuente Fuente OpusX Lancero and Love Affair which come with the red bands.

In the fall of 2009, the Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City cigars will be released worldwide. Each box will come with The Lost City DVD.



11 thoughts on “OpusX: The Lost City

  1. Looks like a cool idea (CAO Sopranos anyone?) but is going to be priced WAY out of reach of most people I believe.

    Any idea the taste difference in the tobacco planted during the summer compared to the normal growing season?


  2. The Lost City was THE best movie on Cuba I’ve ever seen.
    Will these boxes cost as much or more than regular boxes of Opus X? I might save up and make this my first box purchase.

  3. I just found some of these in Illinois. I bought 1 of the black band (6.75 x 48) for $29.00. I had intended on buying my first Padron 1926, but put that off for now.

    Should be interesting to see if the Opus X brand lives up to the hype….

    1. I wasn’t at all impressed by this. The wrapper started to come off in the middle of the stick. Burn was okay, taste was okay. Maybe the cigar exceeds my ability to taste it (shrug). Was this worth $29? No. Should have bought a 1926 Padron instead, a shame.

  4. As libertytoad said, my initial assessment of these after i pulled 1 of 10 from a box of the 2010 lost city robusto’s i was not impressed at all. Most likely it will require 6 months to a year of aging prior to savoring it again. But i will give Fuente a nice thumbs up for there OMFG!!!! this is delicious only if you can find them “Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario”, yes it is a mouthful to say but dang it to hell and back – the B&M i go to say they are palate destroyers. Buyers Beware if you smoke these you’ll never want anything else ever again.

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