New Palio Cutters and Esencia Sizes

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New Palio Cutters and Esencia Sizes

Marc Aub shows us around his booth at IPCPR and his new cutters and new sizes of the Esencia.


5 thoughts on “New Palio Cutters and Esencia Sizes

  1. I dont think the camo cutters will go over real well, except for a gimmick – there is no point. If you are sitting in the woods and all of a sudden you want a cigar, well it wont matter if the cutter is camo or not, your “prey” will be scared away by the smoke it would smell for miles..LOL

    Never had the cigar, so I cant comment on that 🙂


  2. I was slightly disappointed by the camo cutter as the only release by Palio. I was just expecting something different. And like Mike I am not convinced it will be a hot seller.

    Now the gift set is something I am interested in. But I imagine that it will be expensive (relative to what you get [3 cigars and a cutter]). We’ll see shortly.

    Thanks guys for bringing us phenomenal coverage of the IPCPR. Your coverage this year was far better than last year (and last year was great) but this year contained much more info at a quicker pace. In fact. I was checking Twitter every 3 minutes looking for updates, and there it was. Thanks guys.

  3. Wow that took me by surprise, Camo? That’s kind of odd. I’m still hoping they make the Carbon Fiber in ACTUAL carbon fiber….

  4. I live in a small town and you might be surprised at how much camo crap people will buy, whether they hunt or not. There is camo everything all over the place that has nothing to do with hunting. And I see people in the mall wearing camo coats and pants for no reason. Some people just love camouflage. Would not surprise me one bit if the camo cutters sold best.

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