The Nosotros Story

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The Nosotros Story

Remember, you heard about the Nosotros here first but during IPCPR, Dion gives us some camera time to tell The Nosotros Story.


7 thoughts on “The Nosotros Story

  1. Neat to hear how the cigar blends come about 🙂 I wonder how many samples they make of different blends just to try. Must make a few for everyone to give a taste and form an opinion.


  2. great, informative vid.

    Mike, I can tell you that I know of at least one other blend that was part of the “nosotros line-up”. One blend became the nosotros, the other blend, don’t know what happened to that…

  3. I like the part where he says “have you ever been to Drew Estate”! Dion, Drew Estate thinks Jerry knows zilch about cigars. Jerry is on their hit list. In fact, if there was pool that bet on the least likely places that Jerry will get an invite to, it would be a tie between DE or Gurkha.

    On a serious note, Dion seems like a very cool guy; different, but cool. The cigar sounds great. Sad to hear it won’t be out to October because that’s a cigar I am really dying to try. I love everything that Dion has put out so far and I am sure that will continue with Nosotros.

  4. Great video. This is the cigar I’m most excited to try out of the new releases. I love the illusione line and DE makes some great non-infused sticks. I’ve met Jonathan Drew and he’s a blast to talk to, he’ll talk with you forever and tell you all he can about cigars and the process – these guys definitely have a passion for what they do.

  5. Like Tim this is the one cigar I’m really looking forward to. I met Dion at one of his Cruzado release events and he truly is a great guy. Sat at our table for over half an hour just talking smokes and how he came up with the new cigar. Really looking forward to this one.

    Shame about the JdN thing falling through though, the Antano is one of my favorite smokes and to see what they could have come up with would have been great.

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