Perdomo Booth Tour

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Perdomo Booth Tour

Chris Harper, National Director of Sale for Perdomo, was nice enough to give us the tour of the Perdomo Booth to show the entire lineup from Perdomo:


6 thoughts on “Perdomo Booth Tour

  1. Jerry, the best part of that clip is the guy showing you wholesale versus retail prices. I’ve kind of known this for a while but it’s good to see it in print that wholesale is half of what retail is.

    Great to see the manufacturers giving you time like that though. And nice shots of the cigars themselves. However, I’ll be honest I cringed when you interrupted the interview to ask Brian about the CRA hat. Focus bro, focus. LOL. And next time drop kick the guy in the Amigo if he interrupts again. ; )

  2. nice tour! Lots of fun looking stick to get my grubby little paws on! It is a shame they couldnt have a day or certain hours set aside just for press!


  3. Ah yes…nothing quite like IPCPR trick-or-treating! Sounds like your goody bag was getting pretty full there Jerry! LOL.

    On a Perdomo note, they have got a shit-tonne of new offerings coming out this year. I’ve heard good things about the Gran Cru and I’m interested in hearing more about the Patriarch lanceros, as well.

  4. I’ve never had a Perdomo Champagne but will have to try them. I’m glad he decided to talk prices with you, and that is way cool how they dropped the price. Nice booth!

  5. Perdomo rocks! SCHIP hits and they lower the price of the Champagnes… I smoke plenty of them so the lower price is much appreciated!

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