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10 thoughts on “Viaje Cigars

  1. Interesting! Although the two cigars in one idea does sound a little gimmicky…I wonder just how abrupt that transition is?

  2. Interesting concept to say the least..ya a bit gimmicky,as he was talking i was thinking “this wont work on anything smaller than a Toro”,and sure enough Toro is the smallest vitola (if i’m not mistaken)..I’ll be sure to give these a try,might be difficult to pair with a beverage.(beer or rum for me)

  3. $10 per stick is not a good price for the everyday smoker…I would still like to try the smoke out though….maybe we will see these on cbid?

  4. Nice video – I agree about the $10 thing – that is NOT an everyday smoke, unless you have his money I guess :p

    I thought they would make it a smooth transition, it seems like the took 2 nubs and blended them with a wrapper – kinda weird. Maybe if I try one I will have a different opinion, but if I want a cigar to transition, I dont want it to be like getting hit with a wrecking ball 😉


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