Los Blancos & El Primer Mundo

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Los Blancos & El Primer Mundo

We get David Blanco (Los Blancos) and Sean Williams (El Primer Mundo) together to talk about both their new cigars for IPCPR and the Los Blanco/El Primer Mundo relationship…and David pokes fun at us LOL.


6 thoughts on “Los Blancos & El Primer Mundo

  1. Great video – nice that they recognized you guys for all you do!!!

    I want to try the 6.5X60!!!! Thats my size for sitting around home all the damn time! Just wish it would be more of a mild-medium.


  2. I’ve enjoyed the cigars I’ve had from both of these guys. I haven’t met David but have been able to hang out some with Sean and some of the Atlanta are events. He is a very friendly, easy to talk to and down to Earth guy. I wish both of these guys great success!

  3. Mike – KnightRid,

    Thanks for your feedback on the video. As far as you wishing you could try the 6×6.5? Don’t worry I got something right up your alley. I make the same size cigar in my Connecticut Shade! Nice blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Peruvian Tobacco with a Nicaraguan binder. Mild-Medium with great flavor. Shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do to get a couple of sticks out to you.

    Good Smokin’

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