Julia Lukash of We The People

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Julia Lukash of We The People

After talking with Willy Herrera from El Titan de Bronze, we were introduced to Julia Lukash. Julia is the General Manager for a brand called “We The People” which is a cigar that is made for Bidwell Cigar by El Titan de Bronze.

Julia briefly goes over the offerings of “We The People” and mentioned that the cigars are aged and packaged on a bed of Spanish Cedar. In the video, you can see some of the shavings laying on top of the cellophaned cigars within the box. Video runs just over two minutes and is recorded within the El Titan de Bronze booth at the IPCPR 2009 Convention in New Orleans.

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7 thoughts on “Julia Lukash of We The People

  1. I smoked this cigar about a month ago at Marcus Daniel Tobacconist in Olde Naples, Florida. Smoked it down to the stub, it was unbelievable!

  2. I have the pleasure of seeing Julie almost every time I go into my local shop (bidwell cigar.) And a dang good cigar to boot! I just wish they could get it out more. Luckily I happen to live within a mile of the shop!

  3. A very nice smoke, a little light on the filler but it does draw well and has an excellent aroma.
    I also bought an AVO and it didn;t compare-WE THE PEOPLE is an outstanding cigar! And YES, Julia is smokin’!

  4. Another ” we the poeple” and another fine smoke. The filler was fine and the rest of the cigar was excellent !

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