IPCPR Highlights

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IPCPR Highlights

Doing anything with one hand sucks…even recording a video. While I’m not in condition to do a full cigar review I thought I’d share a few cigars that caught my attention at IPCPR. Enjoy…


11 thoughts on “IPCPR Highlights

  1. Not a bad look at the new stuff Gimpy!

    I cant wait to see the reviews roll in to see how much you guys like, or don’t like, the new stuff!!


  2. Enjoy the vids u guys do. Dont comment often. hope arm gets well soon!!! Anyways, I have a question about the Cain. Saw the vid u guys did with Sam Leccia and was wondering if u found out when the Cain would be in stores?

  3. Good job on the review. Nothing like fucking nature in the South! LOL.
    Good luck with the wrist/ arm. I know it is hard doing shit with the wrong hand. ( I think you are right handed? )

  4. So I googled IPCPR news and this video popped up. I was six fucking minutes in before I realized this was not from 2013. But Jerry is so great, I watched the rest of the video anyway. Enjoy that brand new T-52 Jerry. I hear it’s pretty good.

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