Brick House (Guest Review)

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Brick House (Guest Review)

Brick House

Back once again on the Stogie Review, we have Tom and Matt with another video cigar review. This time the guys tackle the Brick House by J.C. Newman Cigars.

During the 2009 IPCPR convention in New Orleans, we had the pleasure of speaking with Drew Newman about the Cigar Family offerings. One of the brands mentioned was the Brick House.

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6 thoughts on “Brick House (Guest Review)

  1. Nice REAL review 🙂 Oh and BITE ME for the hotness, we are getting into the 50’s for highs now, I would kill for some 90’s! Nice kaleidoscope in the final third 🙂 Sounds like a decent smoke for the price. I might have to try 1 or 2 to see for myself. Looks like a good volume of smoke!


  2. I smoked a couple of these at a cigar event at the local B&M this week. I thought the cigar’s performance was far beyond it’s price point and will buy more as they become more available. Apparently there were some problems at the Nicaraguan border.

  3. Real nice review, guys. I picked up a Churchill and must have set it at the bottom of the humidor, because I’ve yet to smoke it. I think it’s time to light up real soon.

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