Cigar Shop Review: West Warwick, RI – Mr.J’s Havana Shop

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Cigar Shop Review: West Warwick, RI – Mr.J’s Havana Shop

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Name of Shop: Mr. J’s Havana Shop
Date Visited: 09/10/09
Street Address: 90 West Warwick Avenue
City: West Warwick
State: RI
Zip: 02893
Phone Number: 401.822.0536
Hours of Operation: 8am – 10pm monday thru saturday and 12pm-6p on sunday
Website: no website yet…

Location: Above Agerage
It is located on a main road and only 5 minutes away from my work and home. Not that easy to get into with traffic sometimes, but great location in town, it is also located inside of a liquor store, so you can pick up your favorite drink and a great cigar at the same time!

Staff: Average
This rating is deceiving because if you are lucky enough to talk with Paul or one of the other guys that work at night with him, I think his name is Dave, then the service is exceptional, but from time to time, they bring one of the clerks from the liquor counter up and these girls know next to nothing about cigars and they allways give you that look like they can’t be bothered to work with cigar customers. This is really anoying because I for one wish I had the capital to own a cigar store, and if I did, I would either be working or hiring someone who was just as passionate about cigars as I am.

Stock: Above Average
They have a great selection of many boutique brands that other stores don’t carry, and they also carry Camacho cigars, one of the only retailers in my area that does. The only thing I don’t like about the stock is the storeage conditions, the cigars are storred in large display humidors, which I believe were hand made, but they are years old. The cigars are properly humidified, but every uncelloed stick has a strange aroma to it and the taste allways has something different, this deters me from purchasing cigars that are uncelloed here.

Lounge: Average
They have a lounge in the back that is kept very clean and organized, however it is very small. There are several nice chairs in the room that are very comfortable.

Overall Opinion: Average
I really love this shop because of its convenience and the inventory of cigars that other shops in my area just don’t have. I only wish they would scrap the humidors that add a weird taste and smell to the cigars and I wish they would hire someone to man the cigar section during the day that knows about cigars.

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5 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: West Warwick, RI – Mr.J’s Havana Shop

  1. I must agree with part of this shop review. The times that I’ve run in here during the day I can expect to have one of the girls from the regular check out help me, like you mentioned they have little to no experience. On the other hand if Paul or Mark are there they are absolute top notch. I try to stop in only when I think they will be working. I live about 30 minutes away so if I’m in the area I stop in no matter if I think they are working or not.

    The part of this review that I disagree with is the quality of storage. While the humidors appear to be older and hand built I’ve yet to receive a cigar that I feel tastes bad due to the humidors. Of course I’ve gotten a few duds out of this store, but never had a bad taste in a good quality smoke. I buy alot of his Tatuaje and Pepin stock along with many other sticks stored naked and have not noticed any foul tastes.

    Of all of the local RI shops this one is worth the drive even if I was an hour away I would think nothing of going to see Paul and Mark. Best shop in a one hour radius IMO.

  2. great shop. knowledgeable, helpful and very convenient. even the staff that sometmes(although rarely) man the cigars section are helpful and don’t pretend to know something they don’t. I normally know what I want and if I want to explore i’ll ask Paul and Mark. They are at the store most of the time. The humidors and storage are fine…Never got a “Tainted Stick'”

  3. I just spent a Thursday Morning and a Friday afternoon. I think this is a great little shop with a great selection.

    I had smoked two cigars there one on Thursday am (they were open at 8:00am!!!!) and I had a J grotto (pauls brand) an enjoyable brand and taste was excellent no “funny flavors” I returned friday pm and had a brnad i have smoked often, an Illusione, and the burn was perfect and taste was spot on. Great gtoup of guys knowledgeable staff and nice little lounge. Great coffee too!!! I’ll be back!

  4. I have been a patron of this store for several years. There are several reasons for this.
    * Mark and Paul know what I like in a cigar.
    * They have an inexhaustible supply of great smokes.
    * Paul’s Grotto Reserve Lanceros are a great and tasty value. I have smoked several boxes without a single dud.
    * If a company starts slacking off on quality, there is always a recommendation from Paul, Mark or Dave to take its place.
    * Finally Paul always has plenty of my favorites: Pedrone, Tatuaje, L’Atelier, Cain, LFD, and more.
    * There is a small group of regulars with whom to talk cigars, sports, music. politics, or what have you in the lounge.
    * I enjoy the sales held there twice a year when I can pick up new items for my humadors.

    All in all this has become my go-to spot for both fine smokes and single malt. And all of this at reasonable prices. For these reasons I find no need to buy on-line.

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