Cigar Shop Review: Severna park, MD – Broadleaf Tobacco

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Cigar Shop Review: Severna park, MD – Broadleaf Tobacco

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Name of Shop: Broadleaf Tobacco
Date Visited: 09/13/09
Street Address: 160 Ritchie Highway
City: Severna Park
State: MD
Zip: 21146
Phone Number: 410-315-8118
Hours of Operation: M-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6

Location: Average
It’s located in a small shopping plaza with a real estate agency, pizza place, 7-11 and 1 or 2 empty spaces. It’s at a good intersection and gets plenty of traffic, but it’s not someplace people are going to go to and say “hey, look, a cigar shop…let’s check it out”.

Staff: Above Average
Until earlier this year it was a 2 man show, Seth and Mike, but now it’s a one man (and occasionally his wife) show. Seth is a certified tobacconist of the appropriate level (retail I think?), and can make great recommendations once he knows what you like or what you’d like to try. He’s very friendly, offers lots of bennies during shows like snacks, BBQ and pretty much always free beer! He treats everyone who walks in like they’re an old friend and doesn’t hover or try to make a sale unless someone looks like they need help or asks for it. And he’s a former Marine, so he gets a double thumbs up from me! The only thing keeping him from being exceptional is the salesman in him. On one hand people might want to hear more about other sticks he thinks they might want to try, but for me it just seems a little too ‘used car salesman’ like.

Stock: Above Average
Selection: Really good. Pretty much everything you’d expect in ‘every cigar shop’ (Fuente, Padron, Ahton, Avo, Camacho, CAO, LFD, Gurkha, Acid, Oliva, NUB, LGC, St Luis Rey, RyJ, Upman, Mac, La Aurora, Perdomo, plus some that are less often found like Torano, Tatuaje, J Fuego.
Storage condition: Perfect.
Pricing: Average for the area, but he has the most ‘shows’ running discounts and freebies plus a decent selection that floats in and out of his 30% off table depending on how much shelf space he needs for his last or next order. And being a former Marine, there’s a 10% military discount too. Cheers!

Lounge: Above Average
There’s twice as much space devoted to the smoking lounge as to the humidor; 5 leather couches and 10 or so chairs of varying styles, lots of ashtrays & cutters & lighters hither and thither, always clean.
The only problem with the set up is that it’s kind of divided into 2 sections by the way the couches are set up, so depending on the crowd and where you end up sitting, you can be kind of left out of all the action. The regulars aren’t quick to welcome new people either which doesn’t help.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
It’s definitely a great little shop. I’ve been frequenting there for 1 year now, have placed special orders and will undoubtedly keep going there while I’m in the area. They have lockers for $300 a year (which also gets you a 10% discount), quickly get in new items, have 2 big flat screens and frequently have beer for the enjoying!

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