Gurkha Red Dragon (Guest Review)

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Gurkha Red Dragon (Guest Review)

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This week, our guest review features a familiar face and one that we haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. Tom, from Toms Cigars, is joined once again by our good friend Ed Nazare from St. Pepe Pipe and Cigar. The guys take a look at the Gurkha Red Dragon. It seem that this cigar is referred to as the brother of the Black Dragon by Gurkha.

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9 thoughts on “Gurkha Red Dragon (Guest Review)

  1. great review! I will have to try one of these, just because of the cameroon!!! I think Gurkha are mostly good cigars, they have a few duds, but I just dont think they are worth what they charge in most cases, THAT is the main reason I believe people do not like Gurkha!


  2. It sounds like an interesting cigar but for $13 there are other things I think I would prefer to try for the money. I like Gurkhas on occasion but I agree with everyone else that they cost a bit too much. Thanks for the review, you guys always do a great job.

  3. Good review as always guys. CI has the right prices on most Gurkha cigars. I like most of the Gurkhas that I’ve smoked, but could only justify them at CI prices. In my opinion they suffer from an over saturation of the market…they have WAYYYYY too many blends for one company. It creates customer confusion and works against brand loyalty. By trying to make a cigar for every smoker they end up pushing away many smokers who may be overwhelmed by the choices.

    Rocky Patel is headed in the same direction and for the sake of good previous smokes I hope he stops dropping a new blend every week or to celebrate every event in his life. Seriously, how different can 20 different blends taste. And what’s next? A new blend to celebrate the first time he tasted a good steak, another one for the first time he flew in business class? I am so tired of all these brands coming out with new blends so often. The older I get the more I want to just settle on the 5 smokes I enjoy the most and just stick wiht those regardless of what the cigar hype machine says.

    Look at Padron, now in my opinion that is the model for brand loyalty, quality and consistency.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. First things first… In the screen shot above, I am thinking “I hope Bill leaves a comment.”

    Like I said in the review, my only beef with Gurkha is the price. Granted, I think you usually get a good smoke for your money, but I still can’t get over the sticker shock most of the time.

  5. I seriously doubt Bill will leave a negative comment as he knows Ed would kick his ass.

    Great review as always… It’s good to have Ed back we missed him.

    Just when I get my hands on a Gurkha Black Dragon everyone has moved onto the Red Dragon. I am a day late and a dollar short like always.

  6. Im not an expert, but is it wise to be smoking inside your humidor like that? Wouldnt other cigars absorb some of the flavors from the smoke? Just curious because I know some people who dont even want different cigars to touch each other in fear of somekind of cross contamination of flavours. Now that seems a little paranoid, but actual smoke seems like it could affect the other cigars. Can anyone clarify if this is bad?

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