Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Twitter Review)

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Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Twitter Review)

Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro - SRTV

A couple of weeks back, Stogie Review had our very first Stogie Review Tweet-View (Twitter Review). It was unofficial and something that I decided to try with some of the people I converse with on Twitter. The turn out was great and all participants seemed to have a great time reviewing the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver.

About a week later I scheduled the next Tweet-View and gave everyone an additional week to track down a Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro. Things were off to a great start as the cigar was easy to find and a handful of people volunteered their time.

Things went downhill from that point on. The day before the review was set to go down, I began feeling a little under the weather. I was sure that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and that I could push on through the scratchy throat and congestion to participate in the review the following day. The following day I wound up Tweeting from bed via my iTouch that I wasn’t going to be able to make it and that everyone should proceed without me.

Confusion set in and a few of the participants did other things with their time expecting a reschedule. @BudPA gave me a call and we had a brief conversation that the show was to go on without me. From here @BudPA and @KnightRid buckled down and got to work on their Perdomo Lot 23 Maduros.

Below are some highlights from the Stogie Review Tweet-View. For additional information, you can use the Twitter Search Engine to grab the remainder of the conversation using hash tag #SRTV (Stogie Review Tweet-View).

Stogie Review Tweet-View


KnightRid: Mine seems very nice, a few small veins, nice chocolate brown color. LOVE the band detail! #SRTV

KnightRid: I am getting a SLIGHT cocoa scent from mine, but nothing else is noticeable #SRTV

BudPA: mine has a few medium size veins #SRTV

BudPA: no real flavor on cold draw but draw is nice #SRTV

KnightRid: pre-light draw seems a bit firm, but I dont think it will cause problems #SRTV

First Third

KnightRid: lit up, first couple puffs I am getting a cocoa/woody taste – very nice #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid I agree with the cocoa not sure if the other is woody or more nutty #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid abundance of smoke from my stick but it’s not a thick heavy smoke #SRTV

KnightRid: I am also getting a sweet background finish now, might be the cocoa? #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid burn on this is good let it sit while I rounded up the camera and new batteries and it remained lit #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA mine is smoking pretty fast. I have to do a triple draw each time to get some smoke, keeps drawing cold air, maybe a hole in it #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid this is a nice smooth smoke not getting any harshness at all #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA hasn’t changed much in this first third – cocoa, nutty, with a sweet background to it with a VERY smooth feel!! #SRTV

KnightRid: to me, this is a mild cigar right now #SRTV

Second Third

KnightRid: almost halfway in and I just got a taste of leather in mine – like chewing on a belt =) #SRTV

BudPA: Burn line getting way off . Slid the band off and noticed a small crack #SRTV

KnightRid: I think the sweetness has overtaken the cocoa for the dominant flavor right now #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid starting to get a leather flavor in the finish now #SRTV

BudPA: midway into the second third and still mainly cocoa flavor with a hint of nuts with a leathery finish #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA are you getting a really sweet cocoa rather than a bitter cocoa? I am, just curious if you are to 🙂 #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid No not really sweet but it is not bitter sweet somewhere in between #SRTV

BudPA: Just about to the final third and I’m starting to get a hint of spice on the tip of my tongue #SRTV

Final Third

KnightRid: last third is giving me more of a leathery taste #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid Spice I was getting is all but gone now #SRTV

KnightRid: @BudPA I never got the spice, but the cocoa has gone to the background and a leathery sweetness in dominate now for me #SRTV

BudPA: Into the final third cocoa has subdued some and leather in the finish has picked up, still nice and smooth #SRTV

KnightRid: I am having a heck of a time getting any draw on mine now – that hole/blemish seems to be getting worse 🙁 #SRTV

BudPA: Seam to be picking up the nutty flavor in the finish now more then the leather that was there #SRTV

KnightRid: body has picked up into the medium range in the last third – still enjoyable taste with leather being the foremost for me #SRTV

KnightRid: cocoa has totally gone away for me, but the sweetness is still there #SRTV

BudPA: @KnightRid yea cocoa is gone replaced with leather not getting much sweetness #SRTV

Final Thoughts

KnightRid: Final thoughts, nice sweet cocoa flavor with hints of nutty in the background to start, flavor stayed pretty consistant till the final #SRTV

KnightRid: third, then the cocoa disappeared and was replaced with a leathery taste with a sweetness behind. all in all a nice stick. #SRTV

BudPA: final thoughts nice cocoa flavor with nutty undertones to start which changed to leather in the final third. #SRTV

BudPA: Leathery finish which changed to nutty in the final third. All in all good solid stick #SRTV

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6 thoughts on “Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Twitter Review)

  1. I dislike the Perdomo Lot 23’s a lot…first time I had one it tasted like straight grass and hay and I wanted to throw up.

  2. I like the Perdomo Lot 23 very much! Your review was pretty much the same experience I had. All 5 of my samplers burned the same way, very consistent in flavor and construction. I I did not notice any problems with burn line going uneven though. Great smoke for me! Good review guys! You helped confirm things I experienced with PL23.

  3. it’s funny because I smoked a lot 23 maduro the other day. I got a sampler pack from cigars international that had a lil of this and that all from the perdomo line… but to say the least the Lot 23 maduro is a very nice and underrated smoke… Smooth creamy, coco, with hints a vanilla….and a nice lil kick and hint of spice to round it all up… This is definitely box worthy but I would rest them a month or two if time and room allow. Also, your burn issues are probably because your humidor is not at a consistent 63% 65%…. 70% may be a lil much……… get the beads or the puck, its the best…. scrap everything else homies….

    Happy smoking…..

  4. Vic,

    I’m not sure whether you referring to KnightRid’s burn issues or mine. My humidor averages 68 Degrees and 64% RH with beads as the humidification device. This particular stick sat in my humidor for two weeks prior to the review. Should probably have made note of that somewhere in the review.

    If you were referring to KnightRid’s problems I think they were due to the holes that he found in the stick. Maybe KnightRid will comment in on this and let us know what conditions his stick was stored at.

    All in all I thought it was a good stick and the burn issues that I experienced would not stop me from purchasing more in the future.

  5. too bad there was so much confusion…….i had one of these to smoke but ended up taking the wife out to breakfast when I found out walt had cancelled…….

    Great review elsewise.

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