El Baton by JC Newman Cigars (Guest Review)

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El Baton by JC Newman Cigars (Guest Review)

Guest - El Baton by JC Newman Cigars

For this weeks guest review spot, we have our good friends Tom and Ed. Like usual, the guys join us from Ed’s shop, St Pete Pipe and Cigar, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The feature cigar is the El Baton by JC Newman Cigars.

The guys explain that the vitola is described as a Double Torpedo (6.75 x 54) and ranges from around $6.50 to $7.50 depending on your local state taxes. The makeup is 100% Nicaraguan Tobacco, which as marketed as a Full Bodied cigar.

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10 thoughts on “El Baton by JC Newman Cigars (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review guys!

    I would probably pass on this just because of the full body/nicotine going on. I would rather have flavor than a nicotine kick 😉 I will try one some day, but I wont go out of my way to find them.


    1. The nicotine isn’t that bad. Sure, it gets full bodied as you smoke, but it didn’t effect me in the morning on an empty stomach. If you have a meal you should be fine.

  2. Great review as usual.

    I picked this cigar on a whim and glad I did. A really great cigar for the $.

    The taste is very sweet and it has that spicy zing in the smoke – my favorite combination in a cigar.

    Local shop has them for $3.75 (Robusto). Think I’ll be picking up a box to compliment my Joya Nicaraga 1970s.

  3. Tom and Ed, this cigar is at its best in the early morning with a black cup of coffee…trust me on this. The licorice flavor really pops at this time of day when the pallet is fresh and clean combined with the black coffee.

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