Ah Memories…

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Ah Memories…

The other night on Twitter one of our long time fans of Stogie Review, vic121, posed the following question to Walt, Brian and myself:

what do you guys think is the secret to your success?

It was a bit late in the night to take vic121‘s question seriously but it did spark a conversation reminiscing back to the days of my first video review, a time when I religiously sported a white t-shirt in every review, the bed post in the background, the navy blue curtain, catching my ashtray on fire, going to find my pants, puking in my mouth, bottle water cap on my head, f-bomb tirades, flashing my boxers and of course, who could forget, most recently, Jerry McCruz.

Its the time of year to be thankful. Like most of you, I have so much to be thankful for this year. But one thing I wanted to be sure to mention this Thanksgiving season, is how thankful I am to have all of you. We’ve come a long way from 72 visitors back almost 4 years ago. Over the almost 4 years, we’ve had a ton of great laughs and shared in my great sorrow always ready with a encouraging remark or a timely prayer.

So vic121, to answer your question, “what do you guys think is the secret to your success?” The answer is easy…its everyone reading this.

Until Thursday (resuming with a regular video), Long Ashes!


8 thoughts on “Ah Memories…

  1. Well said Jerry!!! I’ve been a SR fan right from the beginning and I’m happy that I’m responible for the setting your ashtray on fire moment..

  2. Awesome read and very well put! Without your guys’ reviews, I would still be buying crappy cigars and then wondering why the hell I did that!


  3. Very well put Jerry. If I had to venture an opinion as to why you guys have been so successful it has to because none of you take yourselves to seriously. You have no problems being able to laugh at yourself or be a McFool. Just think how lame all of the reviews would be if they were heavily edited. I mean some of the human elements about Jerry, Brian, and Walt would be lost if the antics, miscues, etc. were cut out.

    It also adds to the popularity that each and every one of you is so readily available and willing to answer even the must mundane questions via twitter, email, etc.

    Keep up the great work and heres to another 4 awesome years and beyond.

  4. I am certain your success is linked to the hidden subliminal easter egg fleur-de-lis images that are embeded in your web pages.

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