Cigar Shop Review: Overland Park, KS – Diebel’s Sportsmen Gallery

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Cigar Shop Review: Overland Park, KS – Diebel’s Sportsmen Gallery

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Name of Shop: Diebel’s Sportsmen Gallery
Date Visited: September 11, 2009
Street Address: 4829 West 119th Street
City: Overland Park
State: Kansas
Zip: 66209
Phone Number: 913-663-0123
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location: Above Average
Diebel’s is located close to office buildings and other shopping centers. The parking lot will fit about 20 vehicles right around the store, but it is part of a strip mall, so you should be able to find a spot somewhere. It is located close to the high class neighborhoods, and high class stores. It isn’t a big store, but cigar-wise it’s big enough for what you want in a cigar shop.

Staff: Above Average
The staff at Diebel’s is overall very friendly. They will answer any question you give them to the best of their knowledge. Most of them are very inviting. I say most of them because there is one who seems like he doesn’t like someone of my low age in the store and doesn’t think I will buy much and likes to keep a very close eye on me. None of them make you feel like leaving however.

Stock: Above Average
I wasn’t quite sure whether to give it an excellent or above average. They have the major brands in RP, CAO, General Cigars, etc. Sometimes their selection isn’t vast, but you can always find something good to walk out with. For instance, they sell the CAO Lx2, but they might only have it in 1 size. They have their own cigar, which I personally like for the price. It’s not a huge humidor, but they make the most of their space. Their website has a huge assortment of cigars. The condition of the cigars are excellent and you can tell they pay attention to the care of the humidor. Their prices are average for the KC area. They have humidors, cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and anything else that has to do with cigars. They also sell pipe products including their own blends of pipe tobacco, which they take pride in. They also sell natural cigarettes like American Spirit. In addition to tobacco products, they sell cool things for the home and office like high-end poker sets, game sets, office/home decorations, and sports memorabilia.

Lounge: Below Average
Simply, they don’t have a lounge. They have a cutter, and lighter so you can smoke a cigar in the store, but there is nowhere to sit down. Quite simply its not a large location, so there is no room for a lounge.

Overall Opinion: Above Average
This is a great place to stop by weekly or daily if you prefer to pick up your favorite smokes, or try some new ones by their suggestions. The staff is great, and their selection is good. If you want to hang out and stand around talking to the staff, you can, but don’t expect to find somewhere to sit and kick back.

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2 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Overland Park, KS – Diebel’s Sportsmen Gallery

  1. I noticed a great selection of Padron Anniversary , every Davidoff made as well as many ther hard to find excellent cigars. I agree that the staff is very friendly and knows alot about all of their products.

  2. I frequent this shop often and I really like it. The staff is very friendly and know their stuff. I always feel welcome and their selection is tremendous. They have a great Friday afternoon “cigar happy hour” special on many brands. I would say it’s a great place to get your cigars.

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