Cigar Shop Review: Huntsville, Alabama – Humidor Pipe Shop

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Cigar Shop Review: Huntsville, Alabama – Humidor Pipe Shop

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Name of Shop: Humidor Pipe Shop
Date Visited: 09/09
Street Address: 2502 Memorial Parkway SW
City: Huntsville
State: Alabama
Zip: 35801
Phone Number: (256) 539-6431
Hours of Operation: 10-6 Monday through Saturday; Closed Sunday

Location: Above Average
It’s easily found right off the Bob Wallace Exit, behind KFC. It’s super easy to get to and right outside of downtown Huntsville. My only complaint is the limited amount of parking.

Staff: Exceptional
Everyone that works here is fantastic. Way better than the other Cigar shop in Huntsville. They all remember my name, follow me into the humidor and make suggestions. They also consistently provide me with small discounts and I’ve twice received free cigars that were dropped. The owner is there a lot and has smoked pretty much everything in the shop. I don’t dish out tons of cash like some customers do but I get the same amount of attention and respect as they do. Super polite and extremely respectful!

Stock: Exceptional
The bulk of the store is kept in a large walk-in humidor with the most divine smell ever. Tons of quality cigars in all price ranges. They re-stock on popular items weekly and get in interesting new things all the time. High up in the humidor they have TONS of boxes to replace the open boxes when emptied. The prices are always at least 10% lower than the other shop in the area.

Lounge: Average
While they do have a lounge, I have not sat down and had a smoke in it. It’s just a side pocket of the store with some nice leather chairs positioned for conversation. I always see several people relaxing, smoking, and talking. Nothing super special but not bad either. Not exactly new age but well kept and casual.

Overall Opinion: Exceptional
I love this shop. The staff and humidor really make it. They’re the oldest cigar shop in Alabama and it shows in a good way. I started buying cigars from a shop closer to where I live until I made the decision that the other guy was just in it for the money. This shop has a feeling of substance and quality. I will continue to shop here for a long time.

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