Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ (Short Ashes)

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Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ (Short Ashes)

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A little ways back, our very own Jerry Cruz reviewed a value line cigar produced by Dion Giolito of Illusione Cigars. That cigar was the Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~, and ever since I’ve been interested in giving it a try.

Due to lack of availability locally, and my very limited online purchasing history as of late, the Cuchillos Cubanos line has eluded me. That is, until Mike (KnightRid) was kind enough to pick me up an assortment of Illusione product from Gettysburg Cigar Company.

Being eager to try this new value line, I didn’t allow them to rest long before firing up my first, of two samples. While I didn’t feel that the stick was overly special, it was a decent smoke none the less. With a modest price of under $20.00 for a box of five, this is a great way to try a side-project of the highly popular, boutique, Illusione brand.

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5 thoughts on “Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review, Walt (as always)…but more pressing things to get to: What is that cutter, and where can I buy one?!?!…lol

  2. Just ordered a package of the ~32~. Even if they aren’t stellar, they should make for a decent smoke in the cold winter months here in NY .

    1. IMO, the 42 (I think that’s what it is anyway…haha) is the best in the line. Even still, I’d spend an extra dollar or so a stick and get some ~68~s.

  3. Nice review. If I wasnt such a dumb/cheap ass I would have sent you the 5 pack, but i wanted to try them also. I paid $19.00 in Gettysburg for the pack, so $3.80 each. I had a great experience with 1 I smoked, then the 2nd I had to pitch cause the draw was so tight, I just couldnt get any smoke at all. Now the third one I smoked was just ok, but nothing like the 1st. I would snag another 5 pack just to see how it would go, but at almost $4 for that little cigar, I would not make this a normal smoke in my routine.

    These do seem to be nice if you dont have a whole lot of time for a cigar. i have not tried any other “tin” cigars or smaller box cigars, so I do not know how they compare timewise or profile wise to other brands.


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