Rocky Patel American Market Selection

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Rocky Patel American Market Selection

Rocky Patel American Market Selection

Similar to my reviews of the Rocky Patel Honduran Classic, Rocky Patel Cuban Blend and Rocky Patel Rosado, the Rocky Patel American Market Selection is a Famous Exclusive…meaning you can only get them at Famous Smoke Shop. Again, in the interest of complete transparency I wanted to say that Famous Smoke Shop is an advertiser with The Stogie Review and we’re also good friends on Twitter with @Famous_Hayward. With that disclaimer, let me add that these cigars were purchased by me back in February 2009.

I’m not sure what happened during this video review. I actually didn’t expect my review to take the turn it did. There isn’t anything “wrong” with the Rocky Patel American Market Selection aside from some inconsistencies in construction from cigar to cigar. But while discussing other Connecticut Shade wrapped cigars it hit me, that while there isn’t anything wrong with Rocky Patel American Market Selection, I can’t see me purchasing anymore in the future. Mainly because there are several alternatives, a couple with lower price tags, that deliver a similar, equal and in some cases, better flavor than the Rocky Patel American Market Selection.

The Rocky Patel American Market Selection is a solid cigar with a predominantly sweet/woodsy flavor, accompanied by a creamy/nutty natural tobacco flavor. Its mostly a mild bodied cigar, whose flavor profile is clean, crisp but short lived. Like I said, its a solid cigar but when you start thinking about alternatives and take value into account, thats where it becomes impossible for me to purchase them in the future. If I won’t be purchasing them, I can’t in good conscience, recommend the Rocky Patel American Market Selection to you.


12 thoughts on “Rocky Patel American Market Selection

  1. I smoked the Cuban Blend ans wasn’t overly amazed by it either. I guess with all his sub-prime and exclusive brands Rocky Patel seems to be making je also seems to make more and more average cigars every year. Don’t get me wrong he still makes some gems but the quality is sometimes inconsinstent in comparing his name brands to the exclusives he does for cigar shops like famous, CI and The ever horrible Thompson cigars . I’ve learned to stay away from some Rocky exclusives as I havn’t run into any spectacular ones to date.

  2. The list of cigars with the Rocky Patel name on them is starting to resemble Gurkha’s list: lots and lots and lots of nameplates, most of which you can’t buy in a brick-and-mortar, and most of which you probably wouldn’t buy if you could. On the other hand you get a company like Padron that has 3 basic lines: The Padron Series, The 1964 Series, and the 1926 Series. This year they added some new “Family Series” or something like that…but the point being, they don’t need to have 25 different lines because the ones they have are solid and respected in the industry.

    As much as I like the Decade, 1961, and Winter Blend/Patel Bros, a few great sticks don’t make up for the proliferation of mediocrity that Rocky has unleashed on the cigar industry.

  3. Nice review. I actually like these, but as you say, there are others out there for the money that I would grab first just because of the taste. I absolutely hate the Rosado, Honduran is ok and the Cuban Blend is decent.


    Oliva Connie or Nub Connie are the 2 morning connies I like the best so far.

  4. Jerry,
    Good solid review as always. I think you made an excellent point on value, and from the sounds of it there are definitely better values out there which are more readily available (a in not an exclusive to one retailer).


  5. I have had great luck with a couple of the Famous Exclusive Rocky Patel brands, particularly the Cuban Blend. I smoke the petit belicoso, the robusto, and the toro all the time. They rock, but need a couple of months rest. I know resting cigars/pipe tobacco is not cool with the I want what I want and I want it right now generation, but I find it satisfying. I rarely smoke a cigar thats not at least 6 months old. I age my pipe tobacco 3 years on average, with tins from 1991 on my shelf.

    I find the RP AMS a creamy/nutty treat with coffee right at sunrise on my back deck. Oh, but beating up RP is more fun. Right D Jones? There is nothing wrong with being prolific in and of itself, as long as the quality of the previously released lines remain consistent. I think Rocky has done that. If you dont like one of the new ones, just avoid it; but theres always the chance that the next line could be your holy grail. Peace

  6. I was actually quite disapointed with this Cigar.

    Burn and draw was good, but the flavor profile of the cigar was a bit muddy. I was expecting a creamy, mild, cigar and it fell short of my expectations. Given the price you are paying, I would expect far more. Completely agree with the review – I was worried that this cigar would receive high marks (maybe I was just missing something – bad batch maybe) but when compared to others, it doesn’t hold up.

  7. Not everyone will like this cigar but I am sure there are guys out there who love these gars. I got one in a Sampler from famous smoke so I figured I would give it a try. My first introduction to the AMS genre. I usually like cigars with a lot of spice and strong flavors. However, this was a nice change of pace and while I will not rush out to buy more of this particular cigar, it was enjoyable to say the least. I notice some sweetness at first and then the flavor moved in to more of a vegative note. The burn was great, as was the draw. A well constructed cigar overall.

  8. Been searching for a mild-medium ct. That I can enjoy on the course . Don’t need the buzz but looking for some flavor. I have tried:

    Ashton classic
    Perdomo 10th anniversary champagne
    RP vintage 1999
    Avo classic
    EP Carillo new wave

    So far seem to like the avo and perdomo best. Any other suggestions?

    1. I’d throw in the following suggestions:

      Camacho Connecticut
      Oliva Connecticut Reserve
      Alec Bradley American Classic
      Davidoff Special R
      Montecristo White Label

  9. I got these in a sampler.. I agree it’s okay but there are better sticks at a better price. And the stick I smoked was extremely tight. Hard to draw and no smoke. No recommendation!

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