Cigar Shop Review: Lincoln, NE – Ted’s Tobacco

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Cigar Shop Review: Lincoln, NE – Ted’s Tobacco

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Name of Shop: Ted’s Tobacco
Date Visited: 09/21/09
Street Address: 111 South 66th Street
City: Lincoln
State: Nebraska
Zip: 68510
Phone Number: (402) 484-5571
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm
Website: None

Location: Above Average
This shop is located pretty much right in the middle of town. There is usually plenty of parking. It gets an above average rating because it’s not in a stupid mall and and it is right on my way home.

Staff: Exceptional
There are only two or three different guys who work there, including the owner, Ted. They are all friendly and helpful.

Stock: Exceptional
A quick count showed about 60 different brands in stock. I have never had a cigar from Ted’s that was in bad condition. There prices are comparable to the other two shops in Lincoln, there selection blows everyone else away.

Lounge: Poor
They used to have plenty of chairs for smoking and TV watching, reading or whatever. Then the geniuses on the city council banned smoking in all workplaces, including tobacco shops and bars. They still have a few chairs but you don’t see anyone hanging out very often. As a side note, their shop in Omaha still has a great lounge area.

Overall Opinion: Exceptional
I love Ted’s. I do not count the lack of a lounge against them, they fought the smoking ban as hard as anyone did. I will definitely go back, probably tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Lincoln, NE – Ted’s Tobacco

  1. Worst cigar shop in Lincoln by far and that’s saying something. Don’t get me wrong the selection is nice but the people who work there have no right being in any business. They where rude didn’t say anything when I walked in just sat on the chair and stared at the tv. Didn’t even seem to notice that I had walked through the front door. I walked around the shop for about 20min went in the cigar room made a selection and just to see how long it would take I stood at the counter and waited for them to acknowledge that I was there. I kid you not and I have my friend as a witness I stood there for another 20min and even tapped on the glass at one point and one of the guys looked over at me then back at the tv. Finally I asked “do you work here?” to which they said yeah you need something, Are you Kidding me!! do I need something? no i just thought I would walk around the store for an hour then go home. It was terrible and I will never go back there again and I am going to be sure to tell everybody I know to boycott the place. I hope it goes out of business because it’s an embarrassment to cigars and business in general.

  2. Pretty much agree with the review here. They have the two
    things I need in a cigar store: 1) A variety of cigars 2) The
    cigars are in good shape.

  3. I’ve had experiences similar to the review by Andy. Ever since Ted sold out to his son the quality and customer service have suffered. Michael, the current owner, couldn’t care less about pipe smokers and when talking to him or his cousin (I don’t recall his name but he’s the young kid with the ridiculous looking holes in his ears) I feel like I’m more a nuisance to them than anything else. The ONLY reason I go to Ted’s is because nobody else in Lincoln has any selection of pipes at all.

    1. SO SORRY/DISAPPOINTED TO READ Jim Jacobson’s comments. This happens so often. I’m not in Michael’s shoes but he’s obviously destroyed a very reputable business. We’ve lost three pipe shops, in Sioux Falls, during past 20 years due to STUPID LAWS…… and the lack of passion from owners ! Maybe the alien, with the ‘holes in his ears’ has drugged Michael?

  4. I was just surfing the net and decided to see if Ted’s was still open. I was fortunate enough to have found this shop ( using A TELEPHONE BOOK ) on my one/only trip through Lincoln. IT WAS A GREAT FIND TOO. I was greeted first by an adorable English Bull Dog. Then by a very friendly mom & pop, the owners. I’m a briar guy and value an exceptional “estate” find. When I asked Ted if he had such……. HE TOTALLY OVERWHELMED ME ! Oh yah, that was in 2002 ( February ) and I’m still smoking many of the beauties I bought. He also advised me, and ‘through a can in’ of an English blend which I’m still smoking too. The problem there is that sometimes it has been impossible to secure. I literally spent several hours in the shop ( attested to by my FORMER wife, whom was waiting in the car ) and after awhile their son, I THINK, Mike arrived and was very helpful too. Unfortunately I have never been able to return ( I only live in Sioux Falls, SD ) but still remember. Hope you folk’s are still succeeding !

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