CAO to Debut New ‘Real’ Ad Campaign

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CAO to Debut New ‘Real’ Ad Campaign

New CAO Campaign To Feature Series of CAO Consumers

Nashville, January 7, 2010:

CAO, one of the world’s foremost premium cigar manufacturers, announced today that it will debut a new ad campaign in the January/February issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine.

With the tagline “CAO REAL” the cutting-edge cigar manufacturer will roll out a series of ads that will feature actual CAO cigar enthusiasts, further reinforcing the emotional cord between the sought-after brand and its consumers. “We’ve always maintained that the success of our brand was and still is consumer-driven,” stated CAO Director of Lifestyle Marketing Jon Huber. “The ‘Real’ campaign is our way of paying homage to our loyal customers and saying ‘thank you’ for your ongoing support. Throughout the coming year, we will essentially be holding an open casting call for CAO loyalists across the country to become the next star of the ‘Real’ campaign. We will be accepting photos, letters, emails, and videos via our website at:

Candidates that are selected will receive a year’s worth of CAO cigars and will be featured in our ad as seen in Cigar Aficionado magazine.”

CAO’s latest brand, La Traviata, was recently awarded a ‘93’ (“OUTSTANDING”) rating by Cigar Insider and was one of the highest rated cigars of 2009.

CAO International, Inc. is the producer of one of the country’s top lines of premium cigars. Founded by Cano A. Ozgener in Nashville as a labor of love 42 years ago, today CAO products can be found on every continent in the world with the exception of Antarctica. CAO produces 12 cigar lines that have all been rated ‘90’ (“OUTSTANDING”) or above by Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider.


14 thoughts on “CAO to Debut New ‘Real’ Ad Campaign

    1. One of the guys from my local shop won free cigars for a year in the Nub Launch Events that were going on. I think they figured on one cigar per day for a year, then sent him however many boxes that came out to.

  1. This is a great idea. I think CAO is doing the right things with their ads. They definitly have good smokes to back them up. But, I too would like to know what the exact amount of cigars for a year would be.

  2. I think this is a good idea. The whole ad campaign to live certain lifestyles and be a badass smoker dude are a little convoluted. Insinuating that we the consumers need them to live that lifestyle, when most of us just want good smokes and we buy the ones we like.

    Acknowledging that the companies need us to survive is great. It’s refreshing to see a huge company, in terms of the cigar industry, do something like this. Sort of a fan appreciation thing.

    I like it.

  3. I think they are a bunch of loud,arrogant weasels.Their main ad guy is a puke. Keep him, and their average cigars. I’ll continue to support other more worthy cigar makers. Some still sport dignity and class.

  4. Outstanding. When it comes to marketing it seems like CAO is way more cutting edge than the rest. Doesn’t hurt that they have great cigars either!


  5. so…you only print letters/opinions that agree with you? I belong to a rather huge cigar group. We will monitor you to see how fair you are. Print my letter. if you dont, you will speak volumes about how your website is run.We regularly read,discuss online reviews in our group. We meet once a week, and we have not much good to say about Mr Huber,thank you very much.I’ll take a Camacho over a CAO anyday ;]

    1. *raises eyebrow*

      Well, seems like you’ve made an interesting first impression regarding your group. Perhaps you should rethink your words before you post so that you don’t present a persona which may not represent your beliefs and manners or those of your group in a negative light.

  6. Dear Homer Gimpson – We publish all comments except a few that take personal shots at us or our families. And honestly we don’t “print” anything here on The Stogie Review. We approve comments and since these are your first few comments, they needed to be moderated to make sure they aren’t spam. I would think that since you discuss online reviews in your cigar group you’d have some idea on how these things work. I mean, after you submitted your comment it says “awaiting moderation”.

    What huge cigar group do you belong to? According to your IP address you’re possibly in VA. I’m next door in MD and would love more info on your group and maybe be a part of it. Thanks Homer Gimpson.


  7. Homer Gimpson, I find it ironic that you use the term “loud, arrogant” to describe CAO. Pot calling the kettle black???

    FYI, you can voice your opinion without being such a douchebag.

  8. Hey “Gomer”
    In case you missed it, THIS is a rather large cigar group too: folks with different opinions about lots of different things. Spend some time here and you’ll find out that we all agree to disagree from time to time. We just do it in an adult manner.
    Take that pacifier out of your mouth and put a cigar in instead and act like an adult.

  9. I really like this idea too. We all know that adds and such can make anything sound great. But hearing from REAL PEOPLE about what they like about a cigar is always better–that’s why I read reviews in Stogie Review and cigar forums rather than certain other popular publications …

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