Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Cigar Club

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Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Cigar Club

This review comes courtesy of Rich (BootyRockRich)
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Name of Shop: Buckhead Cigar Club
Date Visited: 01/11/10 (10am!)
Street Address: 3400 Around Lenox Drive Suite 304
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Zip: 30326
Phone: (404) 844-0400
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 10am-12am, Sunday 10am-8pm

Location: Exceptional
Buckhead Cigar resides in the back of Dantanna’s Bar and Grill. Both are located in the ritzy Buckhead area of Atlanta right next to Lenox Square Mall. Walking distance to the MARTA (train), and many hotels. But the biggest perk of the location is that Dantanna’s provides a full menu and bar to the customers of the cigar shop.

Staff: Exceptional
The two owners Mike and Boram are characters. Both have been in the industry a long time, and are extremely knowledgeable. They are super classy, and at the same time, take no shit from anyone. One of the biggest draws to this place! Just follow the rules and you’ll be fine!

Stock: Exceptional
Not only are they a Diamond Crown lounge, they also are one of only 3 shops in the area that carry Davidoff. The selection is great, the humidor is large and well maintained. You’ll find mostly higher end smokes in this shop. You won’t find any bundles, 2nds, or knockoffs in here. Although the image doesn’t show it, the guys have recently installed a huge island of shelves in the center of the humidor. On one side the Davidoff/Zino products the other Arturo Fuente and Diamond Crown.

Buckhead Cigar Club - 1

Lounge: Exceptional
Spacious, with seating for 36. 3 big and comfy leather couches, 4 LCD HDTV’s, and two huge HD projectors. What more could you want? Oh… did I mention the full menu from the Bar next door?

Buckhead Cigar Club - 2

Buckhead Cigar Club - 3

Overall Opinion: Exceptional (go figure)
Buckhead Cigar Club has become my favorite shop, one of only 2 in the entire city that I will actually hang out in. Mike and Boram are great, helpful, and generous guys. Having a Bar and Grill in the other room is a tremendous plus. Tho food prices are a little on the spendy side, you can’t argue with the ability to order a Session Lager to go along with your Davidoff Puro Belicoso. Also, even though the shop closes at 8pm on Sunday. The boys typically herf it up at a couple nearby cigar friendly bars after close. Great atmosphere, great lounge, great cigars… need anything else?

“You never know who you will run into when there. It may be a Superbowl winner, future Bowl winner, NBA Champion, writers, musicians, CEOs, lobbyists, Iron Chefs, an unemployed photographer, stay at home dads, cigar luminaries, weaseling cigar reviewers, movie stars(the guy in the trunk of The Hangover)…. but you can always count on a good time.” -Nick858

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10 thoughts on “Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Cigar Club

  1. I’m with you Rich. This place is outstanding. I’ve only visited one time, but was made to feel as if I had been a regular for years. It’s one of the reasons I really miss Atlanta. But I’m “only” 4 1/2 hours away, so if I need a fix I can just hope in the car and make the trek!


  2. I absolutely agree with your assessment Rich, though I wish you had kept this on the down low, it’s hard enough already for me to get my favorite seat without you telling everyone about the place!

    After reading this, I think I might just head over for a Session Lager, a Dantanna burger and a cigar.

  3. Great guys to purchase cigars from as well…….I placed a phone order and they were BEYOND class act! I look forward to smoking at the shop next time im in ATL! Hope that asian LIMO is waiting for me at the airport!

  4. Thomas, Make sure you let me know when you are coming to ATL. I’LL be sure and have a limo for you….hehehe. You ever been to the Okeefeenokee swamp? LOL

    your pal,


  5. I stopped by this place last night and it was absolutely fantastic. I’m from out of town and it was a perfect experience, highly recommend.

  6. I personally will never go back because of their elitist attitudes and how rudely they treated my wife while we were there. Have been 5 times before and loved the place. Wanted to show a friend and now there is an arbitrary $20 minimum or join our club rule

  7. Looking at the comments it seems an update is called for. The great news is the shop is better than ever. Great selection as usual enhanced with a new state of the art humidification system. The Humidor is well stocked, more organized and the addition of better lighting is also a plus. The lounge has also been updated with new couches and wood flooring. Mike and Boram continue to provide the best option for cigar smokers in Atlanta at Buckhead Cigar and keep everyone in line- including Brian Hewitt!

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