Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)

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Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)


Ed and I have returned for our monthly guest review here on The Stogie Review. This time around we review the Alec Bradley Tempus. This is Alec Bradley’s flagship cigar, and is my top pick for 2009. I find myself smoking them on a regular basis to this day. Brian and Walt reviewed the Tempus awhile back, so I thought it was fitting that Ed and I have a go at it.

I had a hard time picking apart the flavor profile. Luckily Ed takes up the slack as usual and really helped me appreciate this cigar even more. The flavors are subtle yet rich at the same time. The body starts in the medium range but steadily builds to full without being an over the top powerhouse. This is the type of cigar that demands your attention or you will miss out on some great flavors.

This video runs for 21 minutes and Ed and I really pick this thing apart. As always, all feedback (good and bad) is welcome. If your experience was different, by all means chime in. We are always curious of other’s opinions!

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17 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Tempus (Guest Review)

  1. Great review as usual guys! I have smoked a ton of the Terra Nova size of these and I really like them. Now for me, they are an evening smoke, but just damn good flavors throughout!


  2. The Majestry Maduro was my new years smoke. Fucking fantastic. I’m really interested in the lancero… anyone try that guy?

  3. A Fantastic smoke down to the last inch!!!

    The Wrapper is grown in Trojes (a region of Honduras just a bit North of the Nicaraguan border) and is a Criollo 98 seed developed to combat Blue Mold it’s not the age of the tobacco… just adding my 2 cents 🙂

  4. Nice, I just picked up the torpedo Tempus yesterday…time to smoke it today! Thanks for the review, you guys have a nice report I don’t know if you are trying to be funny, but I definitely find your reviews entertaining!

    1. Jimmyyk26 – We are pretty mono-tone in reviews, so maybe it looks like a shtick (?). Either way, glad you enjoy the reviews!

  5. Great review as always guys! I haven’t had one of these for a while and was trying to decide what to smoke tonight … decision made! I’ve only had one Centuria, and though I liked it I preferred the Terra Novas that I’ve had, both because I tend not to have 2 hours to smoke and because that particular stick (robusto) seemed to have more of the peppery/spicy flavors that I’m into these days.

    1. NJStone – I haven’t noticed a great difference in sizes, but I wouldn’t be surprised that there is. I’ll have to pay more attention next time.

  6. Great review, wish there were more per month. it’s been a while since I had a tempus but what I remember of it is its smoothness. Awesome implementation of the comical ending to each review, keep them going on.

  7. excellent review thanks 2 people who know cigars i smoked a ab tempus quad box press sunday a very good smoke. smoked cigars for 40 years but have just really known and learned what i was smoking the last 2 years.keep up the good work mc from texas .

  8. Thanks to all of you who enjoyed the review and to those who left comment love. Ed & I would like to do more then one review a month but as always, timing is the problem.

  9. thanks for review…Now I know why they burned they way they do…the wrapper! thanks for that piece of info. I guess I will start buying them again.
    ps. the Quadrum and Majistry (maduro) will burn and taste much better if they are left at least 3 months in the humidor…at least in my experience.

  10. Sorry Ed and Tom, nowhere near as good as the Presado in my very humble opinion. The taste was too ‘dry’ vs. the smooth and rich Presando.

    1. Correction, not ‘too dry’ but just dryer in my opinion. A fine cigar, but Prensado is tops in AB line IMHO.

  11. Great review. You guys hit the nail right on the head with this one. One of my favorite AB cigars. They make a quality product. I think the Tempus is better than the Prensado IMHO. Comes off a bit smoother and sweeter than the Prensado.

  12. Great review and very good music selection too. I was smoking my last third when I saw this review and was amazed to see the flavor profile was spot on with mine personal review. It is a complex, good looking, flavorful cigar but I did had burn issues (especially canoeing). Still a great cigar and a worthy experience.

    I am on the Atlantic side of Florida but will visit St Pete Cigar when I can.

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