CAO La Traviata (Animados)

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CAO La Traviata (Animados)

La Traviata Animados

So you’re probably scratching your head and asking yourself, “another La Traviata review?” We’ve covered the CAO La Traviata a lot here on Stogie Review. I got a sneak peek before the 2009 IPCPR, then Brian and I reviewed it in a episode of The Herfing Heads, it made my Top 10 list for 2009, it also made Brian’s Box Worthy List of 2009 and even more recently, Walt did a Short Ashes video back in January. So why another review?

Well despite what your significant other may tell you, size does matter. This review covers the newest size addition to the lineup; CAO La Traviata Animados. The Animados size should be hitting retailers within the next few days or may have got them in late last week. The Animados features a 46 ring gauage which is the smallest ring gauge available in the La Traviata line.

The smaller ring gauge really makes the blend of CAO La Traviata shine. I felt the flavors to be bolder, brighter and they pop on my palette. Up until now the Divino was my go to in this line. The Divino is a great size but the Animados intensifies the creamy, sweet, spicey, woodsy flavor profile making it a fresh full bodied experience.


24 thoughts on “CAO La Traviata (Animados)

  1. It looks like I’m going to have to be these online, I’ve never seen any of the La Traviata cigars at my shop.

  2. “they pop on my palette”

    that’s what she said, lol

    Even though I have little money at this time I won’t mind picking up one of these when I see it at the great price points these come in at!

  3. Great review – I am anxious to try some of the new sizes! Would be nice if they had a sampler with a couple of each size in it.


  4. I love the La Traviata already but I am really excited to try a smaller ring gauge. Sounds like a winner at a great price.

    Too bad I have to drive over an hour to pick some up. My local B&M carries CAO but doesn’t carry the Lx2, Mx2, America, or the La Traviata… bummer. Oh well, it’s worth the drive.

  5. I tried the Divino this weekend and was very pleased. Forget the great pice point this woluld be a great smoke at $10.00 a stick.

  6. HA! I just bought a box of Divino’s and now you have to go out and post a glowing review of this new size…looks like I have another box in my future! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one!

  7. I had a divino this weekend. This cigar lives up to the hype, although it is a mild cigar at best. Also, there were some sour notes at the beginning of the final third that quickly went away

  8. So I have had two of these in the robusto size. The first one was plugged and I could tell rich flavors would have emerged if I could have gotten some smoke production out of it; gave up on it after the first third. The second one had a tight draw and just plain ordinary flavors. It got bitter towards the half way point. Will not be picking these up again.

    1. hey Marc, since I had a similar experience I was wondering what is your current cigar of choice or top 3 cigars of your choice… I find I can’t really pick up a cigars flavors or taste completely, unless I blow the smoke through my nose… Is it me or does everyone else have super refined palate’s???

  9. Kudos to CAO for releasing a smaller ring-guage La Traviata. Can’t wait to pick up a box. Great review, Jerry!

    1. What’s the deal with the Animados being 20 to a box and costing more than the Divino’s 24 to a box? Anyone?

  10. A good review, I will try the CAO La Traviata Animados in the near future, if I can find The CAO La Traviata Animados in the local cigars shop…Thanks….

  11. I just bought a box of these for 78 dollars with tax. Furthermore, At the store I work at we have la traviata at 4.25 a stick. The Animados has 24 in the box. If you need discounts on Padron 45,44, 80, 40, we are remarkabely cheaper. box of 10 180- Padron 45. Call 941-706-3325 ask for Mardo.

  12. The Brazilia has been a long time favorite of mine for years. I still have a couple left in my Humi that have been aging for over 3 years. This La Traviata might take it over for me. Love he flavors and the construction of this stick.

    1. I did not like the Brazillia at all. In CAO, I like the Gold, the MX2, and both the La Traviatas. I also like the “Flavours” moontrance and bella vanilla (though I have yet to try the Flavours in anything but the “cigarrilo” vitola.) I have yet to try the Camaroon, but am excited to do so. That’ll be on my “to-do” list. I am primarily a Perdomo guy, but I will make sure I keep stocked up on these La Traviatas as a nice change of pace.

  13. Earlier this week I had my first exposure to the CAO La Traviata line with the Divino Maduro. I had gotten a bad stick (draw issues), but even with the draw issues notwithstanding, I could still clearly tell that the CAO L.T.M.D. was just a fantastic smoke, and I will definitely be going back for more the next time I stock up on cigars.

    Tonight, I got to try the non-maduro version (this time without the draw issues), and I found that it too is a marvelous stick. The vitola I smoked was the Divino (or, as I prefer, Robusto) so I can’t comment on the Animados directly (I’m assuming that the Animados is the Toro), but I thought it was a wonderful tasting and smelling smoke.

    It is clear that the only difference between the maduro and the non-maduro was the wrapper, that the binder and filler are the same, as they tasted very, very similar to each other (though I did not notice the “hint’o’manure” that made the maduro so intriguing…see Walt’s review and my comment.) The mustiness was also absent, or at least muted on the non-maduro stick. Being one who, in general, prefers maduro cigars, I find it not surprising that I liked the maduro version better. But I do like to keep some non-maduro sticks on hand, and this fine specimen will definitely go “into the arsenal.”

    See my comment on the maduro (pre-release) version for more detailed notes on the flavor of the stick. Minus the afore mentioned differences, all my comments made there would apply here.

    For the price, it’s a steal! Anyone reading this who has not tried it…..try it! You’ll like it!

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