Perdomo Announcement – Lowering More Prices

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Perdomo Announcement – Lowering More Prices

I figured this deserved a front page post, even though you probably already heard about it. This is from the Perdomo Cigars Bulletin Board….

Friends, I promised you a major announcement and here is the first of several that are forthcoming: Below is a letter which officially announces what I have decided to do that will benefit you, the Cigar Lover. I’m lowering prices on 3 major Perdomo premium brands! Please read the letter in its entirety and post your comments for the world to see, your reaction means a great deal to me personally and each of my employees.

Dear Cigar Lovers,

At this very same time last year, we were all hit with the punitive SCHIP, a 700% tax increase on premium cigars. Our company, Tabacalera Perdomo, made a courageous decision and absorbed this ridiculous tax on more than 70% of our brands and also reduced the price of our famous Perdomo Reserve line, by $25.00 to $37.50 a box! When manufacturers were again raising prices in these tough times, we went completely against the industry trend and lowered our price points last April. As we approach the completion of the first year since that dreadful “cigar tax day,” I am proud to say that the huge risk we took paid off as you spread the word and supported Perdomo Cigars.

With today’s poor economy and the continued attacks of taxation and smoking bans, I spend most of my days asking: What can I do to ensure you will have the opportunity to enjoy Perdomo cigars every day? My solution is complex and difficult, but it’s simply the right thing to do. This year, as you continue to experience numerous price increases again – in addition to last year’s outrageous taxes – I ask myself, “Aren’t we in this together?” My answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” That’s why, starting in April, we will reduce the prices on even more of our most popular brands, including our Perdomo Lot 23, Perdomo Grand Cru, Perdomo 2 (Squared) L.E. 2008!

As we roll back our prices on Perdomo cigars to levels not seen since 2007, you may ask yourself: “Why is Nick doing this again?” My answer is quite simple: I trust that cigar smokers are smart with their hard earned dollars and will recognize Tabacalera Perdomo’s efforts to provide premium quality cigars at very affordable prices.

A year ago, when we reduced our prices, many of you called or emailed to thank me. Our sales team also received numerous handshakes and compliments. I sincerely thank you and I will always remember your kind words. As one of the few remaining family owned and operated American cigar companies, we control every aspect of the agricultural, manufacturing, and distribution of our brands. Efficiency and total quality control continue to be our top priorities, and this will not change, I assure you!

On behalf of the “Perdomo family” in Miami, Nicaragua, and across the United States, we want to thank you for your loyalty and support. We look forward to many more years of offering you outstanding Perdomo cigars at affordable prices!


Nick Perdomo, Jr.
President, CEO
Tabacalera Perdomo

Facebook Group: Perdomo Cigars

Now I don’t know about you but I think this is just an amazing thing to do. If you remember, they already lowered pricing on some other blends around the lovely SCHIP time.

We have a discussion about this in the forums, but for those of you who do not visit, I would be very interested in your thoughts about this. Do you think this will make more manufacturers look for lower cost cigars to add to their lineups?

I am just me.

8 thoughts on “Perdomo Announcement – Lowering More Prices

  1. As long as quality is not compromised, I would never be opposed to a price decrease. However, I would be happy to pay current prices and taxes with guaranteed quality.

  2. I’m a B&M retailer and I say this with a bias toward Perdomo because I just returned from a tour of their facilities in Nicaragua. Perdomo is a totally vertical company and I was impressed with every aspect of their production. I’ll vouch for the attention to detail and quality assurance that goes into every stick. And the price decrease was not mentioned before or during the trip. That was a nice surprise just when I needed to reorder Perdomo product. It was a surprise last year, too, when they either ate the SCHIP increase or lowered prices then. Some other manufacturers ate it at the time but have since raised prices. Some used SCHIP to gouge a little by tacking on their own price increases on top of SCHIP and blaming it on SCHIP. And they all raised prices, again, in the first quarter of this year. Not Perdomo. I’m also lucky because my Perdomo rep is the best in the business.

    Add it all up and I’ve become a huge Perdomo fan, not just because they make quality, well-priced cigars, but also because they’re extending a hand to help my business remain successful and I appreciate the hell out of it. As a result, my Perdomo orders will be bigger and they’ll receive better placement in my humidor and I’ll give as much support back to them as I can. Off the top of my head, I can’t say that about any other manufacturer right now.

  3. What a great way to show solidarity with the cigar consumer. Nick Perdomo Jr. seems like a great down to earth guy and I do enjoy the quality that he assures in each and every line of cigars that bears his name.

  4. I have very purposely started smoking more Perdomo sticks in the past year because of their commitment to lower pricing. While not every stick is to my taste, there are several that I come back to time and again and I’m thrilled that they have decided to lower prices yet again. When I get to meet Nick Perdomo at CigarFest later this month, I plan to thank him personally. Quality sticks at lower prices definitely enhances my enjoyment!

  5. Perdomo is a class act, period. I hope every cigar site out there posts this letter and helps get the word out. Even if Perdomo cigars aren’t for you, I can’t imagine one not appreciating the ethic of Nick Perdomo.

    1. I agree 100%. I appreciate a company that responds to the financial circumstances of its customers. CAO puts out a great value cigar like the La Traviata, now Perdomo lowers prices. I hope other cigar companies follow suit.

  6. I think this is a class move, not to mention great PR. I really hope it increases sales, they deserve it both for this and for making great cigars!

  7. Thanks Nick I found your cigars about a year ago when I purchased a mixed bag. It contained 2 of the Lot 23 cigars. I really enjoyed them and tried the Habano and ESV and was very pleased. I always reach for a Perdomo when rumbling through the humidor. Thanks for keeping them affordable without sacrificing quality and I am looking forward to maybe meeting you at the 2 Guys Smoke Shop 25th Anniversary dinner in September.

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