Press Release: Alec Bradley Family Blend Expanding

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Press Release: Alec Bradley Family Blend Expanding

With today being a bit slow here at Stogie Review as a result of the long holiday weekend, I thought I’d share with you something hot off the presses. Less than a half hour ago I received an email from Alec Bradley Cigars with their latest press release. It seems there is some news on the Alec Bradley Family Blend and there will be some expansion within the line. Check out the press release below for more information.

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Handout the Cigars, Alec Bradley Family Blend Delivers Quadruplets
Expanded selection will now be offered in five frontmarks

Summary: Alec Bradley Cigars have expanded their critically-acclaimed Family Blend selection to five frontmarks. Recently, the Family Blend VR1 Robusto was the second Alec Bradley cigar in as many years to be included in Cigar Aficionado’s “Top 25 Cigars” of the year. Family Blend is produced at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras with a full-flavored, three-nation blend rolled in specially aged Trojes wrapper leaves. The cigars are presented in boxes of 20 that are also signed by the fathers of Alec Bradley’s three principle partners. SRP will range from $5.95 to $7.25 a cigar.

DANIA, FL — April 2, 2010 — Alec Bradley Cigars, makers of the highly-acclaimed Tempus and new Prensado premium cigar selections, have been handing out cigars to celebrate the newest arrivals to their family. The Alec Bradley Family Blend selection VR1 Robusto, the second Alec Bradley cigar to make Cigar Aficionado magazine’s coveted “Top 25 Cigars” of the year, now has four new siblings. Alec Bradley Family Blend debuted last year in honor of the fathers of Alec Bradley’s three principal executives, Alan Rubin (President), Ralph Montero (Vice President), and George Sosa (Director Of Sales).

Blended at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras, the factory that also produces Alec Bradley Tempus, Family Blend consists of specially selected Honduran and Nicaraguan longfillers, plus an Indonesian binder, seamlessly rolled in a very carefully aged Honduran Trojes wrapper leaf. Cigar smokers can expect a medium-bodied smoke with a rich, dark tobacco flavor and subtle earthy undertones.

Following are the names of all the cigars in the expanded series and their suggested list prices:

  • D3 – 4½” x 58 @ $5.95 SRP/cigar
  • VR1 – 5½” x 50 @ $6.50 SRP/cigar
  • BX2 – 6″ x 54 @ $6.95 SRP/cigar
  • M23 – 7″ x 50 @ $7.25 SRP/cigar
  • T11 – 6 1/8″ x 52 @ $7.25 SRP/cigar

If the names appear unusual, it shouldn’t be so surprising. Many premium cigar manufacturers use numbers and letters for some of their releases. But since the inspiration for this line came from three different families, there’s more to the cigars’ names than meets the eye. According to George Sosa, the letters and numbers for each vitola refer to names and dates that are significant to
certain family members. “We’ve become so fond of this line, we thought it would be interesting to add a ‘family secret’ kind of element to the cigars,” said Sosa. Presented in boxes of 20 cigars, all of the new sizes in the Alec Bradley Family Blend selection will feature a pigtail cap, with the exception of the T11 Torpedo. The boxes and trays will also bear the signatures of David Rubin, Miguel Montero and Reinaldo Sosa.

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4 thoughts on “Press Release: Alec Bradley Family Blend Expanding

  1. Excellent – really enjoyed the original. Welcome news though the original was a size that suited my taste just fine

  2. Trying my first Family Blend. I like the taste, but their are a few caveats…First, it is burning terribly fast and uneven, Second, the wrapper is quite fragile on this particular stick. I am experiencing a little bitterness due to the hot burn in the 2nd third. I will reserve my final opinion after I smoke a few more as it has potential if it this one was just a sub-standard roll.

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