13 Minutes with Nestor Miranda

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13 Minutes with Nestor Miranda

Every Wednesday night at Cabernet Steakhouse in the northern suburbs of Atlanta is scotch and cigar night. Cigar lovers from all around the city gather to socialize, listen to live music, and take advantage of the special ten dollar deal on the cigar and scotch pairing of the week. But May 12th was a special Wednesday: Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar Company was on hand to introduce Cabernet’s new house cigar, made, of course, by Miami Cigar Company.

With my FlipCam in tow, I was able to grab a little of Mr. Miranda’s time between the glasses of port and sultry serenades by the lovely Lauren, the house’s regular performer. We sat down in the quietest, best lit area we could find and he talked about the latest Miami and La Aurora cigars out on the market, his current favorite smoke, as well as the scoop on a number of projects in the works right now. For example, he is working with Don Pepin Garcia again to create a cigar he’s named “Art Deco” as well as an “elite” line of cigars called “Casa Miranda”. But for more details, I’ll turn you over to the moving picture box below. Enjoy!

(Note: Though the FlipCam did a heroic job of handling the poor lighting and sound conditions, some of the audio may be difficult to hear. Watching with headphones does seem to help. Also the camera seems to add about 25 pounds to the right side of the video.)

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5 thoughts on “13 Minutes with Nestor Miranda

  1. Great interview! Getting all kinds of secrets out of him. Did you happen to refill his glass multiple times to ply that information out of him? lol

    I can’t wait to see those limited editions!

    I have a1989, unless i smoked it already. Damn old age is making me forget shit 🙂 Of course the main comparison for the price will be to the La Traviata. I am very interested to see how it stacks up!


    1. Mike,
      I smoked my 1989 sample from Cigarfest and it was alright. In my opinion, however, comparing it to the La Traviata is like comparing apples and oranges.

      As far as I know, the CAO La Traviata is hand-made long filler. The new 1989 is 2/3 long filler 1/3 medium filler. I know more emphasis should be placed on taste and less on the cut of the filler, but in my eyes the mixed filler cigar is an inferior product (even if it tastes better, which I don’t believe it does).

      Mixed Filler: http://twitter.com/MiamiCigar/status/13946397577

      1. I don’t mind mix filler so long as the flavors and the price is right. (Though at the time of the video, I didn’t realize the 1989 was mixed.) I can think of a situation where the mixed filler version of a cigar is better than the original- I much prefer the Tabacos Baez Serie SF to the long filler Tabacos Baez.

        I think Mike is setting the bar a little high in comparing the 1989 to the La Traviata, it’s in a class all by itself, and is better than a lot of long filler cigars twice the price. I think a more interesting comparison to make is between the 1989 with the old Don Lino 1989, which this essentially replaces. (Of course, it is a completely different blend, and has a different composition.) Based on my limited experience with both, I think the new 1989 is an improvement.

  2. some hardcore karaoke rockin in the back there…good sit down….love when I hear more about pepin…my favorite blender in the market ….guys just knows my taste buds at least …

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