Press Release: La Palina

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Press Release: La Palina

La Palina Logo A couple of weeks ago I received a very nice email from La Palina cigars. After introducing themselves, they invited the Stogie Review crew out to their launch event in Washington DC.

Unfortunately, with Jerry, Brian, Mike, and myself all spread out along the East Coast, only one of us were able to take them up on their offer.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for Jerry’s coverage of the La Palina Launch in Washington DC. Until then, you can learn a little about the brand via the press release below.

La Palina Press Release:

La Palina Cigars Re-Launched
Founder’s Grandson Reveals Remarkable History and Taste

Washington, DC (May 17, 2010)—In June 2010 William C. (Bill) Paley will re-launch La Palina, a storied cigar brand famously linked to the early and fortuitous beginnings of CBS Broadcasting, originally founded by Bill’s father, William S. Paley. The brand debuts with the introduction of the “1896” Limited Edition cigar, fittingly dedicated to Paley’s grandfather, Samuel Paley, who founded the Congress Cigar Company in 1896. It was William S. Paley’s interest in promoting La Palina through the use of radio advertising that led him to the broadcasting business.

La Palina literally translates to “The Paley Lady” and was named for Sam’s wife, Goldie Drell Paley. Also the company’s most fashionable brand, La Palina was popularized by the image of Goldie in Spanish costume on the interior and exterior of the box. “With the revival of La Palina, a family tradition continues,” said Bill Paley, who sought to create a superb cigar to offer his guests at Lightbourne House, the family compound on Nassau in the Bahamas.

La Palina premium handmade cigars are a marriage of the finest tobacco leaves, aged, fermented, selected and blended by master artisans. The “1896” Limited Edition is a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco with an Ecuadorian wrapper and a Costa Rican binder. The first “1896” to be introduced is the “Sam” signature cigar (4.75 inch; 52 gauge) which retails for $19 per cigar or $190 for a box of 10.

The Family Series will be introduced later this year consisting of four cigar formats to include:

  • The “Pasha” – a tribute to Bill’s father, William S. Paley. Though known as “The Chairman” at work, he was jokingly known as “Pasha” at home (7.25 inch; 50 gauge; unfinished foot)
  • The “Babe” – dedicated to Bill’s mother Babe Paley, a noted fashion icon, socialite and inductee to the Best Dressed Hall of Fame (5.25 inch; 50 gauge)
  • The “Alison” is dedicated to Bill’s wife Alison VanMetre Paley whose support and encouragement made the La Palina revival possible (6.5 inch torpedo; 52 gauge)
  • The “Little Bill” is named for Bill Paley as it was the name used to distinguish him from his father (4.5 inch; 52 gauge)

All of La Palina’s cigars will be available at high end tobacco retailers around the country. For more information on purchasing La Palina Cigars please contact +1 (877) 812-0150 or e-mail For print quality images or more information contact Anthony Hesselius at +1 (703) 417-2703 or

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9 thoughts on “Press Release: La Palina

  1. What the world needs is another $19 cigar. That price point is going to be a little dicey for a new brand name cigar. Be interesting to see how this pans out. Somehow I sense that I’ll be able to buy these seriously discounted from CI in two years with a nice story espousing the pitfalls that new manufacturers succumb to but thank goodness for the benevolence of CI and how I’ll benefit from the now deeply discounted formerly $19 cigar that can now be had for $3.

  2. I agree with David, They’ll have a great challenge to overcome with a new release at that price point during today’s economic conditions, it’s a ballsy move but time will tell.

  3. $19 for something completely untested? Ill pass.

    I have a hard time shelling out $20 for a Padron or Davidoff, let alone something I have never heard of.

  4. It is a bit pricey but I think it’s going to be a success. All we hear about is Cuban families and that’s fine, but I would like to hear more stories about some American Families with deep roots in the American cigar business from the early 20th century when the cigar industry was at its prime. My great grandfather smoked La Palina’s and I am sure one of your ancestors did too. These cigars are an American Icon and represent the days where cigar smoking wasn’t frowned upon as it is now. I wish William all the best with his re-newed brand.

  5. The high price point is due to the cost of the tobaccos and using only Cuban rollers in the Bahamas. My major concern is producing the highest quality cigar I possibly can. I, like my father, believe that integrity and excellence create value. My cigars are not for everyone and don’t pretend to be an everyday smoke. They are simply the best I am able to make. In years to come, G*d willing, I will produce other blends at other price points and extend the LaPalina brand into the mainstream. If I didn’t start with the very best quality product I could possibly produce I would be betraying my family’s commitment to excellence.

    William C. Paley

  6. It’s a hard sale in my opinion, for a first release to be a $19 smoke, w/ no discount when purchased in boxes of 10 (so a box split won’t do you any favors). I like to try new smokes as often as possible, but at $19 I will pass on this one. I’d rather get 2-3 sure bets.

  7. I agree with many of the others, $19 is steep for an unknown cigar. I too want to see La Palina do well, but an Andrew Jackson for the first cigar made, that seems like a bad first step. For me, spending $25 on a Padron Family Reserve is tough and I KNOW I love that cigar.

    In addition, there are some phenomenal cigars in the same price range if not cheaper than the La Palina, so this cigar better be an absolute knockout to compete with cigars in the same price range. What’s even tougher is the great cigars being made at the low end of the price range. When I can buy 4 very good cigars for the price of one La Palina, that’s a tough sell.

    They are being rolled by the Graycliff camp if I recall correctly. It just sounds to me like the Graycliff pricing scheme is also being deployed. I have never smoked a Graycliff because of the ridiculous pricing and the fact that they just aren’t that good. I hope La Palina is different but from at least the price stand point it doesn’t seem to be so. Good luck Bill.

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