La Aurora Preferidos Lancero (First Impressions)

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La Aurora Preferidos Lancero (First Impressions)

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Last week I received a message on Twitter that my local Miami Cigar Co. Rep, Chris Lenzo, was going to be stopping into my local shop, Kensington Tobacconist. Chris wanted to know if I’d be around to have a cigar and talk for a bit. Unfortunately, Chris’ visit was in the middle of the day and I was at the office.

While not able to hang out in the cigar shop as I would have liked, Chris was so kind as to leave two samples behind for me to claim during my next visit. The samples were La Aurora Preferidos Lanceros. I’m not familiar with this cigar but from what I understand, it is relatively new.

Coincidentally, earlier in the week I saw a tweet by our friend Barry of A Cigar Smoker mentioning that he wasn’t aware of a lancero vitola among the Preferidos line. It was later clarified that the Preferidos Lancero is a regular production cigar and that the Maduro Lancero was made for W. Curtis Drapers latest anniversary.

With very little knowledge of this cigar, I give you my first impression of the La Aurora Preferidos Lancero. The video runs about thirteen minutes. After finishing the video, head down to the comment section and give us your thoughts on the Preferidos Lancero.

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5 thoughts on “La Aurora Preferidos Lancero (First Impressions)

    1. Jeff,
      I don’t reach for the Preferidos colored tubes very often ($16.00 is too steep for me) but I think the difference is the wrapper and that blend is the same among the Preferidos line.

  1. Walt,
    I believe these were released around IPCPR in 2008, as I’ve had them on my shelves for over a year. Great smoke and reasonably priced in the Preferdios line!

    1. Jim,
      Thanks for the info. I don;t having ever seen the Preferidos Lancero before and the buzz around it as of late had me thinking it was new.

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