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Origin : Honduras
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler : Brazilian, Dominican, Nicaraguan
Source : bought from Bonita Smoke Shop

Today I have for you another value bundle stick. This one is from Reyes Family Cigars and is called the Roly. You can buy these in seven different sizes, churchill (7 1/4 x 53), torpedo (6 1/2 x 60), #2 (6 1/2 x 46), robusto (5 x 50), #4 (5 1/2 x 45), cazadores (6 1/2 x 50), and fumas (6 1/2 x 46)


Taking a whiff if the wrapper and foot on my Roly torpedo and I get mostly a tobacco smell with a bit of earthiness on the foot.

I have to mention how spongy these cigars are. I could almost smash some of them completely flat.

I will also point out how ugly looking these things are. They will not win a beauty contest at all, but I am not in it for the beauty just the taste.

First Half

After lighting up my Roly torpedo I am getting mostly a sweet hay taste along with a natural tobacco.

Burning down the first half I have to say we are in the mild area with a natural tobacco taste and a sweet hay in the background.

I have to say the burn has been great. I have had some that would canoe but this one is burning very nice. Ash has only fallen off once so far in this half.

Second Half

Here we are into the second half of my Roly torpedo and I have to say that the burn has been excellent and the cigar has performed very well.

Taste wise we are still getting the same sweet hay with a bit of natural tobacco but now we have added just a slight pepper taste into the mix which livens it up a bit.


After all is said and done with my Roly cigar, I do think they are decent cigars for an occasion where you will not devote your attention fully to the cigar. I have smoked a couple of these in one day already, since they smoke pretty quickly.

I know there are some out there that see a bundle stick and just run away. I can understand that. If you are a person looking for a decent cheap bundle smoke, this would be one, in my opinion, to give a shot.

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6 thoughts on “Roly

  1. I’ve only had the toro size, which goes great with coffee. Many of these bundle sticks require coffee or some kind of drink to add/enhance flavor. But that;s just my .02. I’ll smoke more Roly’s for a cheap morning smoke. I think it’s easily worth the price.

  2. The Roly isn’t a bad budget stick. I’ve had them before and your review is spot-on. Personally I prefer the natural to the maduro, and would get ’em again if they were on sale.

  3. I like some of the Reyes line of cigars. They usually aren’t outstanding. Just well constructed with a simple flavor profile. I will have to give these a shot as I am always looking for a budget priced cigar for a everyday outdoor stick. Thanks for taking time out to review some of these lower priced cigars. I always enjoy your reviews.

  4. After reading the review, as well as the comments, I fell compelled to add my 2-cents. There are a lot of fairly cruddy cheap sticks out there. This isn’t one of them…It’s a cheap stick alright, and it ain’t a Padron by any measure, but it acquits itself as adequate to better in the cheap stick panoply. The taste isn’t complex, it stays around that woody grassy taste profile the entire smoke. But, it lasts longer than you’d think a “spongy” roll would and it doesn’t have a bitterness that knocks you back. If you spend around $2 for a stick and get a decent hour or so that speaks volumes.

    The Reyes Family aren’t just a company, but some of the nicest folks I’ve done business with (I sell cigars as a sideline in my shoe repair shop). They do make a world class smoke, The Miami limited edition, which costs about $7 to $* per stick depending on size. If you want a lot more then invest in those, but, if you want a cigar than is cheap but is smokable, the the Roly may be one of the best choices out there.

  5. I found these Roly no. 6’s on sale so thought I would try a bundle. Mike, you got pretty close on your review. I like a pretty strong smoke and was a little disappointed with this cigar. But midway through it perked up quite a bit and owned up to it’s medium strength rating. The cigar burned pretty darn good even though it is packed a little loose. It burned even through the whole cigar and I only touched it up once with my lighter. If you want a fairly decent cigar for a bargin price I would say this one is worthy. I might put a couple back in my aging humidor but I don’t think aging will help that much. Just appreciate this cigar for what it is and save the Padron’s for the better times. David

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