La Palina Launch – Washington DC

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La Palina Launch – Washington DC

La Palina Cigars

“I’m the happiest man in the world” are the first words from Bill Paley as he takes a moment to address the crowd of 200 guests invited to the La Palina Cigars launch event in Washington DC. Luckily enough, I was one of those 200 guests.

Video runs about 8 minutes as Bill (I think we’re on a first name basis these days right Bill?) talks about his passion for cigars, tobacco, his grandfather Sam and in general the journey of La Palina Cigars.

Please excuse the following:

– The jittery camera in the beginning…I took full advantage of the open bar and had a handful of tequila tonics.
– 7-10 seconds where there is no sound…I was covering up the microphone on my iPhone.
– Anything else I didn’t mention…tequila is such a beautiful substance.


7 thoughts on “La Palina Launch – Washington DC

  1. Bill is a great guy. I had the privilege to smoke a La Palina when he visited us in LA. Great smooth stick. Very similar to a Davidoff blend.

  2. these look nice. what are your thoughts about these Jerry? Can’t beat an open bad AND cigars. They would have never gotten rid of me!

  3. Awesome, Jerry! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, Guantanamera is my favorite song by Compay. I appreciate you using it for the beginning of the vid!

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