Congrats Walt and Lindsay

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Congrats Walt and Lindsay

Congrats to our own Walt and his wife Lindsay and happy birthday to their daughter Natalie…19.25 inches long a little over 7 pounds…

Natalie White


37 thoughts on “Congrats Walt and Lindsay

  1. Walt – congrats on the little girl! Fatherhood is the best and I’m sure you will be an awesome father to Natalie! Enjoy sleeping on that hospital “couch” LOL

  2. Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful baby girl, Walt. Happy Birthday Natalie and wishing you many more!

  3. Congrats walt , When my baby girl was borned that it was the happies time in my life. She still is the number person in my life. …. 🙂

    1. Hayward,
      My wife actually changed her mind last minute and was encouraging me to go to the Cigar Expo. I told her that it was too late and that I was okay with sitting it out this year. I am so glad I didn’t go because she went into labor at 2:30am on Sunday (I would have been asleep in a hotel room ready to come home the following morning).

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