La Palina 1896

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La Palina 1896

La Palina 1896

After attending the La Palina Launch Event the other night you knew a review was coming right? The La Palina 1896 is the first of the re-release from La Palina Cigars and the precursor to the yet released La Palina Family Series. The limited edition 1896 comes in at 4.75″ with a 52 ring gauge. Featuring a wrapper from Ecuador, Costa Rican binder and tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras round out the two country filler.

Since I’m not one to rehash a story, no doubt I’d just botch it, be sure to check out La Palina’s website to learn about the La Palina story and their cigars like the 1896.

Video runs around 11 minutes and I have to say, the La Palina 1896 carries a hefty price tag but if you take the advice I offer in the video, you won’t be disappointed. You really have to treat the 1896 like its a lady. You can’t just jump in and try to fit her into your schedule. You have to be patient, get to know her and then she will reward you. Patience is a hard thing to come by for most of you who are reading this. But when it comes to the La Palina 1896, slow down, take your time, patience truly is a virtue.

Also, be sure to checkout our good friend Barry’s review over at A Cigar Smoker.


5 thoughts on “La Palina 1896

  1. good stuff Jerry. If you say the price tag is worth a try, I believe you. I’ wondering if they will be available online soon?

  2. Great video Jerry and you are sooo right on about keeping cigars from Graycliff in the dry zone. He uses some unique tobacco’s that seem prone to mold so keep them close to the 65% side of things. That being said, I love Graycliff cigars but hate the prices hahahaha

  3. Jerry…you didn’t really sell this video. You didn’t convince me that this cigar was worth $19. Sounded more to me like you were pandering to your sponsor.

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