Women of Cigar Expo 2010

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Women of Cigar Expo 2010

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Welcome to the Women of Cigar Expo 2010 Some of them are a little dark due to the light shining in from outside the tent and i had no way to adjust it on my little camera.

I hope you enjoy the picture show as I will be posting videos coming Thursday probably with a show wrapup video and text on Saturday.

Until the full wrapup, I can tell you this. I had a great time!

The women of Cigar Expo 2010

I am just me.

4 thoughts on “Women of Cigar Expo 2010

  1. Me likes the one with the Gran Habano shirt on….. Great job my friend. Youre doing the Lords work….

  2. Even the Cigar Monster had to peek his head out of his lair to take a look at all the beautiful girls. They worked their tails off and did a fantastic job. Truly a great time!

  3. Nice pics always good to see some girls at a stogie event even if most are not smoking, as for the darkness if it has a flash… use it will fill in the shadows.

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