AVO Heritage (Pre-Release/First Impressions)

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AVO Heritage (Pre-Release/First Impressions)

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Origin :
Wrapper : Ecuadorian special hybrid
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Dominican and Peruvian blend
Source : Ed handed to me at Cigar Expo

I have for you today a cigar by AVO that will not be out until around IPCPR. It is called Heritage. I received this cigar at Cigar Expo from Edward Simon. I was so impressed with how excited he was about this stick. He told me this was the first stick they gave him free reign to do what he wanted to with whatever tobaccos he felt worthy,

Received a bit more information on the cigar. Wrapper is the same wrapper used on the Companero. Price range for these will be $7.00-$9.50 and they will be price protected so the brick and mortar stores will be able to compete with the large online retailers.

I do not want to give away the specific blend until AVO does a press release, so hopefully we will have that for you in the near future as IPCPR draws closer.


As I check over my AVO Heritage I notice a few veins and a really nice calico colored wrapper that leans towards the chocolate color.

Taking a whiff, ok a couple whiffs, of the wrapper and I get a scent that reminds me of a barnyard but without the compost smell. We shall say, a clean barnyard. It really does smell good.

I used a v-cut on this cigar and the foot took a bit to get lit but it might have to do with the humidity in my area today.

First Third

Cruising through the first third of my AVO Heritage, I was getting a ton of spice in the beginning that over shadowed about everything else. After a while i could taste a bit of earth and wood while the spice was still in the front.

After about an inch and a half I got the most peculiar taste. I swear I tasted some sweet frosting like on a cupcake.

At this point the spice has died down a bit and that unique Davidoff taste has come out to say hello. To be honest, I was hoping this cigar was going to be 100% different and not even have that distinct taste to it. Not that I don’t like it but I thought they may have left that out of this cigar.

Rounding out the first third I had to relight once, maybe I ignored it too long, maybe the humidity, maybe it was the cigar itself, I can not say for sure. I still am getting a spice taste along with the wood and earth. Ash seemed to have gotten better since starting out pretty flaky in the beginning.

I would say the cigar is a solid medium from the start. I do not think it has picked up any in body yet but we shall leave that open till the final third.

Second Third

Rolling right into the second third of my AVO Heritage and right off the bat the smoke seems to be getting a lot creamier and smoother. I hope this trend continues as I really like it!

As I was hoping, the cigar has really stayed creamy through this second third. Flavors are melding together and giving me a very nice smoke.

I would say the body is a high medium right now and I suspect it will build in the final third to a full body cigar due to the ligero.

Final Third

Heading into the final third of my AVO Heritage and this cigar has really come together. I love the rich creamy smoke. Body has built to high medium or low full but that is to be expected with the ligero that is in the cigar.

Final third got into the full range but it never felt like it was going to knock you down or make you sick. I think the flavors stayed melded together till about the time I ended the review with about an inch left. At the inch mark you really started to get that charred meat taste that I seem to get from ligero cigars.


I have to say that I enjoyed this AVO Heritage. I especially liked it from the time the smoke got creamy until the end. I am looking forward to trying these when they are officially released and I think the spice will probably be diminished at the start or that the creaminess will take over sooner.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think of this cigar when you can get it and also what you think of the price point. I am really pleased with the price point for this cigar and as you know, I am a cheap bastard.

Personally, I will be picking some of these up when they are released to keep in my humidor as it will make a fine edition.

Please note again, I was gifted this cigar by Ed from AVO and this is a pre-release sample along with it being the only one I have smoked.

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3 thoughts on “AVO Heritage (Pre-Release/First Impressions)

  1. Nice Review Mike! I’ll be looking out for these. I’ve enjoyed other Avo cigars but I’m not a big fan of their price points, this stick sounds more agreeable with the wallet and the flavor profile sounds pretty good too. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for the interesting review Mike. I was wanting to see (your biggest pet peeve) the band test, but seeing the band at the end looks like it turned out ok. BTW, I’m picky about that also. It goes a long way to show the care of the cigar preparation and a company’s attention to detail. I have only tried the AVO XOs, but do enjoy them when I can afford them. Will be on the lookout for this one for sure.

  3. I smoked a Heritage Churchill Saturday night (10/23/10).
    I had the same experience with lighting and re-lighting that you did.
    My shop charged me $11.40, but I was willing to give it a go because it was new.
    I think I prefer the Avo Classico all the same….a more consistent smoke all the way through.

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