Contest Winner – Cigar Related Baby Nick-Name

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Contest Winner – Cigar Related Baby Nick-Name

Natalie - Contest Picture - 1Last month Stogie Review ran a contest to help selected a cigar related baby-nickname for my expected child. We asked that all entrants provide one name for a boy and one name for a girl because my wife and I did not want to know the gender before birth.

Before the contest came to a close, our child came a little sooner than we expected. Those that entered the contest late had the added benefit of seeing my daughter in Jerry’s congratulatory post. Since she has been born things have been busy. As we settled into some sort of predictable routine, I asked my wife to head over to the contest page and select a winner.

There were several entries which she liked but only one stood out as a fitting name. I’d like to congratulate Ashley (aka DaByrdman33) and thank all those that entered. The winning nickname was Lil’ Perla, as per my wife’s selection (She did great, I also find that name fitting).

DaByrdman33 - Contest Winner - 1

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6 thoughts on “Contest Winner – Cigar Related Baby Nick-Name

  1. NICE! Glad all is well for all 3 of you.

    I am selfish and would appreciate you returning to SR ASAP 😉 Jerry, Brian, and Mike are doing a great job, but SR without Walt just seems wrong. OK I’ve crossed the line in ass kissing. Sorry…

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