Xikar HC 6×60 Series First Impressions

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Xikar HC 6×60 Series First Impressions

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Hello fellow cigar smokers. This week I have something very different for you. I am going to do a short blurb on each of the Xikar HC 6×60 size cigars. I was sent one of each of these cigars right after Cigar Expo to give a try and with only having one of each, I figured this would be a good way to take a look at them.

Now for the funny story of how there is no video because I am an idiot.

I saved the Connecticut to do an on camera review with comments on each cigar as I was smoking the Connecticut. As you know, I just got a new Kodak Zi8 camcorder and to make a long story short, I recorded the wrong parts. I recorded while I was not talking about the cigar. For some idiotic reason, I thought it was recording when the light was off rather than when it was on. I know, it’s been a long week and now you may have a blast with how dumb I am (HAH). I also forgot to take pictures except for them all together. Like I said, a long week!

Lets start off by saying these are the first of these I have smoked in the 6×60 but i have had I think the robusto in each already.

HC Criollo

Starting off the trio with the criollo which started out a bit milder than I thought it would. I got the “bite” right off the bat but it was not too bad. Most predominate flavor I tasted throughout this cigar was a woody taste along with the “bite”. This one got a bit stronger towards the end but never left the medium range.

HC Habano Colorado

Next up I gave the habano colorado a go. First thing I noticed was the pungent barnyard wrapper smell, which was something I did not get from the other two. When lighting this one up I was met with spice right off the bat. Most predominate flavor was earthiness but I did get a little sweetness and of course the spice while taking puffs. I would say this cigar started off in the medium range and ended up a full bodied stick as I went into the final third.

HC Connecticut

Now for the final cigar in this trio, the connecticut shade. I lit it up and was met with a mild creamy smoke that had a woody taste along with a very slight spice in the background. While smoking this one, I would notice the spice going away and then coming back again. It was always very slight though and made the cigar enjoyable. I believe it may have built in body to the medium range but not a very high medium.

Wrap Up

Well there you have it, the new 6×60 sizes by Xikar in a short concise format based on a single cigar of each.

I know someone will ask which I enjoyed the most so here is the order for my flavor profile.

Habano Colorado

I am not one that likes that bitey taste of the criollo so that is the main reason I put that one last. Like i said, this is my flavor profile, so your may differ.

Now to give a bit of a comparison to the robusto size which I smoked before in each of the flavors. I have to say the most noticeable difference is the size. I really had a nice flavor component to each of them even with the extra filler. I do believe the body may be slightly lessened compared to the smaller sizes but not very much.

I never had draw issues with any of the sticks either.

Personally, I like the 60 ring gauge cigars and I can see the connecticut easily being in my rotation of smokes in the future and the other two for when I am in the mood for that type of smoke.

Since Xikar was nice enough to have the brochure they handed me in pdf format online, take a look for all the information on each cigar.

I am just me.

6 thoughts on “Xikar HC 6×60 Series First Impressions

  1. Alright, I’ll start it off with… Are you sure that hippie hair isn’t blond? LOL

    Seriously, I have heard good things about these. I guess I’ll have to try to find some. Thanks for your thoughts, Mike!

  2. Interesting. My favorite is the Criollo–truly one of the best-tasting medium bodied smokes around. The Connecticut is in my top 5 of mild(er) smokes–I found it to be mild bodied, verging on medium, but never quite achieving that point. The Habano Colorado is the weakest, in my opinion–very good, but not great to me; low-full-body but just not enough flavor.

    Hope things go better with your video equipment next time.

  3. Ok well I give you credit for at least admitting your a idiot lol only kidding mike we all mess up. I have not tried these smoke non of my local shops carry but I hope to try soon.

  4. I’ve had both the Criollo and the Colorado and found both to be very one dimensional which in itself is not a horrible thing, but the one dimension had no spark or character to it, or decent flavor for that matter. 😀 I had a couple extras because I bought them at an event, so I ended up smoking them, but have no urge to ever smoke another.

  5. Providing the brochure was cool. It’s good to be able to get all the info straight from the manufacturer.

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