CAO Escaparate Tour

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CAO Escaparate Tour

I’m going to be honest here. I really didn’t do much work for this video. Credit has to be given to Cigar Dave. During the CAO Lady Liberty Giveaway, Cigar Dave was broadcasting live from CAO Headquarters. I’m sure I could’ve gotten more own personal tour but why reinvent the wheel? Lets kill two birds with one stone. With no objections from CAO or Cigar Dave, I followed The General into the CAO Escaparate for a quick tour and explanation of the Escaparate.


11 thoughts on “CAO Escaparate Tour

  1. I was wondering what went on in the Escaparate during that segment. While this was going on I was in line getting near the food table finally…I’m in the video at about the 35 second mark (woohoo, Jerry didn’t cut me out!). Escaparate is a place you can just stand and breathe in for hours at a time…absolutely intoxicating aroma in there.

  2. I would never want to leave that room. Set up a cot and slide food in through the door at least 3 times a day and I would be set 🙂

    Who and why was someone holding the door open to let all the noise in and the humidity out?

  3. I thought that was you at CAO last Saturday. The aging room is really something, talk about a walk-in humi. I’ll bet you could put the outdoor fireplace to good use during your winter adventure smoking reviews. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Nashville. Best Regards

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