CAO HQ – Unveiled

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CAO HQ – Unveiled

There I was at CAO Headquarters in Nashville TN. Looking around I saw more professional media covering the event. Of course you’ve seen that Cigar Dave was broadcasting live from the show. There was also Thor from Cigar Press magazine, the guys from Sucker Punch Sallys filming and I’m pretty sure someone from Cigar Aficionado was present. In a few days I’ll post video of the actual event but with such stiff competition I decided to take my coverage in a different direction.

Many of you are like me. You juggle work, family, church, cigars and various other things on a day-to-day basis. Opportunities like visiting CAO Headquarters usually isn’t in the cards. So I decide to take you on a tour of CAO Headquarters from the front door to the warehouse and everything in between. Even the bathroom. 😉 Along the way, I stumble across another incarnation of the MX3. And of course, what video of CAO would be complete without more video porn from the Escaparate.

Video runs about 10 minutes and there is no annoying background sounds or talking. Decided to go with a Compay Segundo mix except for the part when a “unnamed” CAO employee gives me the 411 on that MX3 I mentioned. I’ll never tell!

I had a great time at CAO Headquarters. Thanks to Tim, Jon “Whats Your Sleep Number” Huber, Michael, Michael, Frank, Paul, Strom, Brian, Suzie and the rest of the devoted and passionate crew at CAO. You guys let me run-a-muck and unsupervised which was so fucking epic! I wonder what cigar manufacturer will let me do it next? LOL


16 thoughts on “CAO HQ – Unveiled

  1. Wonder if this video should have come with a rating… Definitely some “soft-core cigar porn”!
    Nice job, and I really think that there is a place for you in the Mexican wrestling circuit.

  2. Jerry, very cool video my friend! That’s definately not the CAO Headquarters I remember visiting and touring several years ago.

  3. I would do some dirty things to get one of each of those cigars in the escaparate. They need to release a sampler with one of each.

  4. I’ve had that maduro Crillollo at Uptown’s in Nashville. The natural is about 5,000 times better.

    Nice video. imagine walking into that humi and pulling out a smoke or two everyday. Oh mama!

  5. Speaking of both CAO posts, they were some of those most entertaining posts Stogie Review has done in a while. Thanks Jerry.

  6. Wow!! Drooling and jealous!! Thanks for remembering all of us still balancing life, and sharing this incredible experiece!

  7. I love the CAO Escaparate. One day when Stogie Review makes us all fabulously wealthy, I’m gonna put a replica in my mansion. Seriously though, they have a great operation, and they always treat you right when you visit. Good stuff, man.

  8. Hope to get down there one of these years to take a peek for myself 🙂

    Awesome tour!

    I like the “nobody watches these things” LMAO

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