On Point with Padilla

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On Point with Padilla

Ernesto Padilla was kind enough to give us a glimpse into his world and more importantly, his next Padilla creation that he is working on. Entertaining as always…thanks maaaaan!


13 thoughts on “On Point with Padilla

  1. Artemis eh, sounds good. Im always interested in B&M exclusives since I can’t say any of the ones I’ve searched out recently have dissapointed me. Its nice to hear Ernesto’s input on the market and poiltics as well. Anyway loved the Cazadores last year and havn’t had a bed Padilla yet, another great interview, good job guys.

  2. Padilla has sort of flown off the radar as of late, but I had a 1932 torpedo the other day that was one of the best cigars I’ve smoked this year. I feel the need to buy more Padilla products now. Plus he’s the man!

  3. I’ve not smoked a lot of Padilla’s, something I want to change. Great interview, Ernesto is insightful and entertaining.

  4. I say that there are plenty of over priced cigars out that don’t impress me. I applaud the cigar makers that are coming with sub $8 msrp cigars that are fantastic. Padilla is missing the mark with that comment on 5 dollar smokes.

    1. Missing the mark how? Pretty much all of their smokes are ~$5 or less — even the 1932’s can be had for dirt cheap if you watch out for them on cigarmonster or cbid.

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