Sean Williams Talks Liga Miami

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Sean Williams Talks Liga Miami

Towards the end of the first day of IPCPR, Brian, Jerry, and I wandered on over to the El Primer Mundo booth to talk with Sean Williams. As always, Sean was a pleasure to talk to and provided us with plenty of information. In this video he tells us about his latest release in the Liga Miami, made by Willy Herrera of El Titan de Bronze.

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4 thoughts on “Sean Williams Talks Liga Miami

  1. I am aching to try this cigar. Willy Herrera is one of my favorite guys in the business, and I am very excited that Sean is making a cigar with him.

    Best of luck to both Willy and Sean with this cigar. Put me down for a box or two, and I haven’t even tried the cigar yet.

  2. I’ve yet to try any of the El Primer Mundo line, but am anxious to do so. Want to support the Atlanta man for sure.
    Another nice interview Brian.

  3. These cigars are great. Good value, and the construction is perfect. At first light you can tell they have a little kick to them, they finish great as well. Try to get your hands on some….

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