18 Minutes with Pete Johnson

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18 Minutes with Pete Johnson

Its always fun and entertaining to sit down and talk with Pete. As always Pete has a lot of cool things up his sleeves this year and down the road. We talk about the new cigars he has for the show, monster series, out of costume series, saints, sinners and adopt a farm. Great stuff as always…and who doesn’t like red vine? LOL


9 thoughts on “18 Minutes with Pete Johnson

  1. sweet! I’m so pumped that you’re doing a full line of the Thermonuclear blend, Pete! That’s gonna be huge. And great plan on the Monster release for this year … I wonder where you got that idea … 🙂

    It’s been a banner year for Tatuaje, and next year promises to be just as big. Congrats, and get some fraking sleep, lol!

  2. so f’g cool! The thing at the end with the JJ series, is also incredibly cool.
    Thanks so much for this!

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