La Perla Habana Black Pearl COBRE – Toro

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La Perla Habana Black Pearl COBRE – Toro

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Origin : Nicaragua
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : Habano Criollo
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought at local shop

Doing this a little differently this week to see how it goes.

I am reviewing the La Perla Habana Black Pearl COBRE in the toro size this week. This cigar is available in three sizes and three wrappers. I am reviewing the connecticut wrapper this week.

Starting out I am getting a bit of spice with a creamy smoke and a flavor I can not yet distinguish. I would say this cigar starts out at a high mild or low medium in body. Continuing on through the first third and I was mostly getting a sweet tobacco taste and the body stayed about medium. Smoking more of the cigar brings out a bit more spice with the same woody and leather notes combined. At the end of the second third I would say the cigar is a solid medium and climbing. Rounding out the cigar I kept getting the woody leather taste that intermingled with each other but the spice did not pick up very much more. I would consider the cigar a full body but on the low end.

I will buy more of these to keep around as they make a nice evening smoke for me when I do not want to pay a whole lot of attention to the cigar. Give them a try, at $3 a piece for the box price you will not break the bank in at least trying them.

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I am just me.

6 thoughts on “La Perla Habana Black Pearl COBRE – Toro

  1. Mike,
    A couple of years ago these La Perla Habanas were rather popular on the forums. I seem to remember a lot of people saying how they were a good buy for the money but I never got around to trying them for myself. I think I might have one buried in a cooler someplace.

    Well done

  2. Thanks for the review Mike. I’ve seen these online. I might give them a try if I find them locally now that I’ve seen your review. They sound like they might be a decent everyday smoke. Keep on smoking.

  3. You can get these online for about $2 a piece. Decent for the money. I recommend picking up a 5-pack for cheap. I seem to remember enjoying the cobre (copper), though not enough to run out and buy more.

  4. I’ve had problems with the Cobre and Morado wrappers cracking. These cigars are densely packed and tightly rolled. At 70% humidity nearly every wrapper split or cracked,. I moved them to a humidor at 64% humidity and in 2 weks the problem disappeared. And, at 64% the cigars are fine and smoke perfectly.

  5. I agree with lkm55 on the humidity. I tend to keep them on the dry side and they are usually fine. I also like the belicoso size the best–they tend to have a looser draw than the robustos. I am all about good flavor at a good price, and the Cobres meet that “value” challenge. I always have a couple of boxes around. Even though the Morado and Rojo are higher-rated smokes, I tend to prefer the Cobres.

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