Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Blind Tasting)

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Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Blind Tasting)

Oliva Serie V - Doube Robusto - 1

Last week I packed up my gear, hopped in the car, and took a trip down to Sir Stogies. As you may recall from last weeks post, I had a blind cigar tasting scheduled. I hung out with about a dozen guys, handed them an unbanded cigar, and turned on the video camera. The video below is what came to be from that event.

The cigar smoked was the Oliva Serie V Liga Especial Double Robusto. I was a bit surprised by the results of the tasting and found it to be rather interesting. The video runs about an hour and is filled with not only thoughts on the Oliva Serie V, but random cigar banter.

When you are finished with the video, hit up the comments section and give us your thoughts on this type of an event.

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6 thoughts on “Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Blind Tasting)

  1. Interesting Walt. I’ll have to smoke another Series V and see what I think. Been a few years. At the time, I thought they were a bit expensive for my flavor profile which I guess means they didn’t fit me well heh.

  2. I wish there was an easier way to find out what the group thought of the cigar without listening to over an hour of guys b.s.ing…with that said, I think this type of event is a good thing and can definitely be illuminating, especially when it comes to cigars like padron anniversaries and cuban cohibas, etc. of which their reputation precedes them and you can’t necessarily trust that the band isn’t totally changing the way you might actually feel about the cigar.

  3. I haven’t yet watched this, but have watched most of your other live stream of a blind tasting.

    If you can do a summary (or index it, let’s say by question/discussion), great. But I understand that’s more time intensive, and likely just not doable.

    So, I’d prefer to have these full-length versions up online over not having anything at all. I’m okay with the length. I don’t have the time to watch it in one sitting either, so I split it up.


  4. Walt it is really difficult to hear all the thoughts ….It would def be nice to see you summarize in a controlled setting the results of the 1st impressions…obviously, I understand that would be alot more time invested from your end, but just being selfish here…you do such a great job puttign into words what a cigar tastes like, I think you could probably do a great job speaking for the group

  5. Generally, I include a writeup to go along with these tastings. I was planning on doing the same this time around but found myself crunched for time. I’ll see what I can do about adding a written portion to this tasting.

    Thanks for the comments and for watching the hour-long tasting.

  6. Walt, I just fired up an Oliva V double robusto and I have to say, it’s still not doing it for me. The cigar just has too much bitterness in it to be one I’d smoke regularitly. It has been two years simce I last smoked one and probably try it again in two years.

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