Nording by Rocky Patel

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Nording by Rocky Patel

Nording by Rocky Patel

Where does the time go? Have we really be reviewing cigars that long? Way back in March 2007 I originally reviewed the Nording by Rocky Patel. Lets face it, things have changed since 2007. Presidents, SCHIP, smoking bans, the band on the Nording and of course my palate. I gave the Nording a glowing review back then which begs the question; with all the changes, how does the Nording stack up in 2010?

For the most part I’ve always been a big fan of Rocky Patel Cigars. Sure, there was a brief time that some of his releases didn’t do it for me so its refreshing to revisit a cigar that I enjoyed years ago and still enjoy today. The Nording by Rocky Patel is like an old friend that you don’t see or talk to as much as you use to but when you do and regardless of how life has changed, its just like old times.

Disclaimer: Some of the cigars smoked for this review were gifted to me by @CigarsThomas.


13 thoughts on “Nording by Rocky Patel

  1. Great review man and thanx for filling in as I am fighting this cold!

    I still say the blend changed 🙂 My brother in law and I noticed the same things you did. I would love to find a place that still has some of the old ones left.

  2. everytime i go to the rez here in the the home of the mighty buffalo bills i grab a couple of these heaters…one of my faves…

  3. great review, Jerry! Thanks. They definitely look different, not sure if that is just from the age on the old ones but the new ones look like they have a darker wrapper. I will try these if/when I see them.
    While I hate the commercials at the end of the videos, I have to admit that I am laughing my ass off at the Lego/Carl’s Jr ads…

  4. Jerry,
    Nording was one of those cigars that I resisted buying. It seemed like every time I picked one up it was different from the one I smoked before it. When I got one that was on, it was a great smoke, and when it wasn’t, the cigar just plain sucked. I don’t know if Rocky Patel was struggling with consistency for a while but it made me very hesitant to buy them.

    I’m really diggin’ the new packaging.

    Nice review, as always.

  5. Good review. I didn’t know there was a difference until now; I’ve apparently only had the new ones.

    I had 7 to 10, straight from a B & M, and only 1 was screwed up. If memory serves, once I struggled through the first 1/3 or so, it was fine. My memory’s not good enough to say if the flavours were consistent–i.e., the same from cigar to cigar–but all but that 1 were consistently good, and they all burned very well.

    And, I can’t get them anymore at local shops. Oh well.


  6. I pretty much enjoy any Patel offering, but these just don’t really do it for me, too sweet and inconsistent.

    Also, what’s up with all the finger pointing at the audience at the end of your reviews bro? Do you have a lot of pent up aggression or something, that you need to take it out on your viewers? If smoking cigars gets you that worked up, I think you’re missing the point!

    1. John – Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.

      No pent up aggression or anything like that. Its just what I do…please don’t take anything I do or say in my videos too seriously. The point is just to have fun with it and thats what I do.

  7. John T – I fail to see how his finger pointing is taking “it out on your viewers”. Its his call sign, you know its coming so here is my advice…as soon as he says “so until next time” hit the stop button bro. I think if you’re getting so worked up about a little fingering pointing that you’re missing the point bro.

    Jerry – You do realize that if you stop doing your call sign, the vast majority of us will consider you a sell out!

    1. Vic,

      Not sure who raised you, but as far as I know aggressive finger pointing is considered rude and inappropriate unless you are looking to insult, instigate, or scold someone. Do you walk around to strangers, or even people you know, pointing fingers in their face? I really doubt it.

      I think this goes beyond a “call sign” and into something else entirely. Defend it as much as you want, but you know as much as I do how uncool it seems.

      And funny thing is, it’s gotten progressively worse. He used to not do it at all, and then started the childish finger pointing some time later. Now it’s to the point where it seems so aggressive you think he is going to start throwing stuff at the camera.

      Really, that’s supposed to be a “call sign”? Not hardly.

      1. John T –

        Hey man if you dont like it or you feel its rude then dont watch. Its that simple. Its not your thing…I understand that. We are all adults here so we can disagree and just move on. Nothing you say or I say is going to change our stances. Thanks.

  8. poke, poke, poke. I love the Nording and interestingly enough, it’s because of your first review that I snagged up a box from Holts. Haven’t tried this new one yet though. Still have about 10 of the old in Toro size burning my way through.


    It’s an age gap thing. If you were to change your poke pokes up about 90 degrees, they’d get it. Peace and love baby. Only we aren’t smoking pot here. Tobacco – poke poke.

  9. Hey Don, first time commenting – love the reviews and have watched a bunch over the past year.

    I just had my first Nording (torp) last night and it was a seriously good cigar. A bit less smoke than I would have liked but the flavours were right up my alley. Am thinking of getting a box of these as my first ever box purchase! But I really am NOT digging the new design. The label looks like it belongs on a Drew Estate ambrosia, and not a cigar dedicated to a pipe maker.


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