AVO Heritage (First Impressions)

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AVO Heritage (First Impressions)

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Back in July, Mike got his hands on a Pre-Release AVO Heritage for review. Shortly after that review I started hearing a little buzz about the upcoming release. During IPCPR I spoke to several people that were head-over-heals in love with this latest creation from AVO.

It wasn’t until after I arrived back home that I was able to fire up my TBOTLCH Press Kit sample of the AVO Heritage and see for myself what it was all about. While I wasn’t as blown away as others were, I think that this is a very nice cigar with solid pricing. I’m told when these cigars begin hitting stores they will be available for between $6.00 and $9.00.

The video below is formatted like my Augusto Reyes Signature review. It is down & dirty and based on a single IPCPR sample. As before, please take this review for what its worth as the cigar was in less than optimal storage conditions. The final release may be different for better or worse.

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4 thoughts on “AVO Heritage (First Impressions)

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with these down and dirty clips i think they are good to mix in with your longer vids which i like also… Dunno if i will try the avo i just dropped a bundle on some opusx fuente fuentes and i dont really need a celebration smoke for awhile maybe on down the road. Thanks for the review walt

  2. I agree, variety is a good thing. It’s definitely better to get a super short format blurb up about the a new stick than to leave it unmentioned. As with everything else we do, somebody’s gonna love it, somebody’s gonna hate it, and I’m probably gonna forget to watch/read it. LOL

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