Casa Gomez Maduro Toro

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Casa Gomez Maduro Toro

You may not recognize the Casa Gomez name, but Benny Gomez and his family have an interesting history in the cigar business. Like many of the people in the business, that story goes back to Cuba where his grandfather was involved with cigar distribution to local hotels, restaurants and clubs. But even more interesting is cigar factory Benny’s father established in Miami’s Little Havana after the revolution is what we now know as the El Credito Cigar Factory. According to the Casa Gomez website, Ernest Perez Carrillo, Sr. purchased it from Benny Sr. in the 1960’s.

I don’t have a lot of information to share regarding the Maduro version of the Casa Gomez, and the details online are pretty scarce. So I can’t tell you about available sizes or MSRP. However, I did find that in addition to having a significantly different blend than the original Casa Gomez, this toro is half an inch shorter than the “Benjamins” vitola, the maduro’s natural cousin. And presumably, these sticks are also made by Luis Sanchez at the La Tradicion Cubana factory. Now let’s get to what I can tell you, how it smokes.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Brazil Arapiraca Maduro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican Republic
Smoking Time: 2 hours
Beverage: Water
Source: IPCPR Samples
Price: ~$7.00?

The Pre-Smoke
Rustic is the name of the game with the Casa Gomez Maduro. The band is simple and to the point and the comparatively light maduro wrappers had their blemishes. The leaf on each cigar had several small holes or light spots, and all of them had their share of fairly thick veins. Completing the look, there was a hit-and-miss toothiness to them as well.

Structurally the cigars seemed fine, firm with no soft spots. But the most intriguing thing about these sticks was the wrapper aroma. I really liked the unique tea and honey scent they gave off. I got a similar read off the cold taste, but I think the wrapper aroma was pronounced enough to make it difficut to taste anything else.

The Burn
With the exception of a slightly tight draw in one stick, the Casa Gomez burned the way you wish every cigar would burn. It even stayed lit a couple of times when I left it sitting in the ashtray a little too long. Strong, solid white ashes, razor straight burn lines. Contrary to Walt’s thoughts on the matter, I think with some careful treatment, you just might be in the running in a long ash contest.

The Flavor
The Casa Gomez opened up with a very sweet combination buttery leather and wood flavors, but as it started to hit its stride, the butter element faded out. The sweetness grew syrupy and cherry like, but as the leather part of the flavor began to fade, the sweetness mellowed a bit too. The wood component which was faint in the beginning grew a little by the end of this third.

The leather flavor was completely gone by the second third, leaving it with a more tart and citrus-like sweetness and a slowly growing woody flavor.

By the final third, wood was the prominent flavor, but a light, fruity sweetness continued to play a supporting role. At the tail end, I started to pick up just a touch of cocoa.

The Price
Assuming it’s priced similarly to the Natural “Benjamins” vitola, I have no complaints about the price. It’s a sizable, well constructed cigar and $7 is a respectable price point.

The Verdict
The Casa Gomez Maduro is a easy cigar to like, especially if you enjoy natural tobacco sweetness in your cigars. It’s not particularly challenging or complex, and it’s a little too laid back and mild to stand up to a stiff drink, but it is quite enjoyable early on in the day with a cup of coffee.

I could see myself buying more of these, but I’d like to try a shorter or smaller vitola to see if the reduced size tightened things up a bit. The cigar just seemed to dawdle a little in the middle third, and abbreviating the experience could result in a much better smoke. If you’re in the market for medium-ish cigar with a lot of natural sweetness, give the Casa Gomez Maduro a shot.

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Probably
Recommend It: If you like ’em sweet, you’ll enjoy it.

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

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8 thoughts on “Casa Gomez Maduro Toro

  1. Great review man. They have a shorter vitola in the Juniors size. It’s a 5.75 x 52. I don’t know if it comes in a maduro though?

  2. Thanks Bryan!
    Just got off the phone with Loren (sp?) and he told me that this cigar is not in production yet, but he will call me when they are…Any suggestions for more naturally sweet cigars?
    My favorites right now are the AF Curlyhead deluxe (25 in a box, and 15 are really good and the rest are hit or miss) and the Hemingway, but they both have smaller ring gauges. I prefer 50 and above…I’ve also been smoking the Kristoff Maduro Toro and they are really good as well…

  3. In responce to Greg Sain,

    got off the phone with the factory not to long ago, vitolas will be the same as the natural line packaging is squared away so pre orders will begin as early as next week, or sooner if demand keeps up like it is


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