J. Fuego 777 Zero (First Impressions)

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J. Fuego 777 Zero (First Impressions)

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Last year I named the 777 Corojo by J. Fuego my number 10 cigar for 2009. Despite my praise for the Corojo, I was not a fan of the 777 Maduro. With my thoughts of the Corojo and Maduro being polar opposites, I didn’t know what to think when Jesus introduced the new Connecticut wrapped 777 Zero at IPCPR.

Being Connecticut wrapped, I opted to pair it with a morning cup of coffee and take it for a spin. While the end result wasn’t as disliked as the 777 Maduro, I still didn’t like it much. I’ve come to the conclusion that what makes the 777 Corojo so wonderful is its Brazilian Corojo wrapper. Take that away and the flavor profile seems to loose its heart and soul.

Please remember that this review was based on a single sample obtained at the 2010 IPCPR convention in New Orleans. Storage conditions were less than ideal and may result in an experience that is wildly different than one purchased at a local brick and mortar.

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2 thoughts on “J. Fuego 777 Zero (First Impressions)

  1. I was looking forward to trying these too. Hopefully I will have better luck when I find them! I wonder if a corona size would be better as it is in the corojo?

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