Guillermo Leon Belicoso (First Impressions)

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Guillermo Leon Belicoso (First Impressions)

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At the 2010 IPCPR Convention in New Orleans, a wide range of new products were released. Among those being promoted by La Aurora and Miami Cigar was the Guillermo Leon line. Due to the success of the La Aurora 107, and several other lines distributed by Miami Cigar, the Guillermo Leon picked up a lot of buzz during the show.

The video below briefly outlines my experience with the Guillermo Leon Belicoso. As in my past IPCPR Sample Reviews, the video runs roughly five-minutes and the standard disclaimer applies. These cigars were acquired during the IPCPR convention in New Orleans, where storage conditions were far from optimal. My experience may be wildly different from your own.

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6 thoughts on “Guillermo Leon Belicoso (First Impressions)

  1. Great review.

    I thought this was a good smoke but I had problems with it staying lit. Did you encounter that?

    During the first third I got more of a earthy flavor with some slight pepper.

    Overall a good smoke though I prefer the La Aurora 107 line for that price.

    You can read my full review here:

    Long Ashes!

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