Liga Privada Dirty Rat by Drew Estate (First Impressions)

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Liga Privada Dirty Rat by Drew Estate (First Impressions)

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In my quest to turn all of my IPCPR Samples to ash, the time has come to light up the Drew Estate Dirty Rat. After being wowed by the Drew Estate T52 Flying Pig, I had high hopes for the latest Drew Estate release. When it was all said and done, I thought the Dirty Rat was a good solid smoke but didn’t compare to the T52 Flying Pig.

Video runs roughly five-minutes and focuses on a single sample obtained at the Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour Press Kit.

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9 thoughts on “Liga Privada Dirty Rat by Drew Estate (First Impressions)

  1. Hey Walt, I believe the Flying Pig was released under the No. 9 line, not the T52. The Dirty Rat is the extension of the T52.

  2. Apologies, apparently, there was a T52 variety that I wasn’t aware of. Sorry for the mistake. Keep up the great vids!

  3. I was under the impression the Dirty Rat was an extension of the No. 9. Saka said that because the LP 9 has something like 7 different tobaccos in it that it is such a hard size to make with that many leaves. I think it was originally made for him because the small corona is his favorite vitola.

    Otherwise, I wasn’t a big fan of the Dirty Rat. I got a very strong Acidic flavor along with lots of intense lemon peel that really didn’t fit well. I wasn’t a big fan of the No 9 line to begin with, but really enjoyed the T52.

    I like these quick reviews. Keep it up!

  4. Without having watched the video yet, or smoked a T52 Flying Pig, perhaps my comment is premature. I think the Dirty Rat is as close to cigar perfection as I’ve experienced, it’s easily in my top 10 (which means nothing to anyone but me!). If I recall, the Dirty Rat shares the stalk cut wrapper with the T52, but is a unique blend. They have to cut the leaves with scisors to fit all of the components in the corona format, hence the high price tag. Now I’ll shut up until I’ve had a chance to watch the video!

  5. I agree the T52 is better than the #9, though I think you are selling that one a bit short. Interested in trying the Flying Pig and Dirty Rat…By the way, I REALLY like the 5 minute reviews! Thanks again

  6. Well, I totally disagree with those who like the T52 line more than the #9. But that’s how it goes in this thing of ours, we all have different palates! I think the T52 is a FINE cigar, but to me, the #9 is a GREAT cigar. If this Dirty Rat is a smaller version of the T52, using the same blend, I’m sure it is a very nice smoke. I have smoked the Flying Pig, and other than the unique old style Cuban shape, it was no better than the other sizes of the #9. Which means it was a fantastic non Cuban smoke, but not any better TASTING than the Toro size #9, for example.

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